Biblical References in the Movie, The Chronicles of Riddick Essays

Biblical References in the Movie, The Chronicles of Riddick Essays

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Looking for biblical reflections in movies is something we often don’t do, but you would be surprised in how many Christian connections there are in different movies. If you look for biblical facts in movies you will see a few, if not a lot of connections. When looking for these connections don’t look too hard, or you will see something that’s no really there. When you get into mindset of looking for those Christian connections it is kind of fun. The movie The Chronicles of Riddick written and directed by David Twohy has many biblical connections, although the director has no beliefs that we know of he has not forgotten his roots.
The Chronicles of Riddick is the sequel to Pitch Black, which tells the Story of Richard Riddick (Vin Diesel). The movie starts Riddick is being hunted by bounty hunters, but he kills all, but the leader Tombs, and he tells Riddick what planet the bounty came from, Riddick takes the bounty hunter’s ship, and goes to the planet Helion Prime. He gets to Helion Prime, which is about to be invaded by Necromongers; he finds Imam the guy who knows, who put the bounty out for him, in the process Imam mentions Kyra who went looking for him. Imam then tells the tale of a Furian who is destined to kill the Lord Marshall. Necromongers invade Helion Prime and in one night defeat their army. Riddick gets questioned by the Necromongers, and then finds out that he is the Furian destined to kill Lord Marshall (Necromonger Leader). After this the Necromongers are ordered to kill Riddick. Riddick escapes only to be, captured by Tombs and his new group of bounty hunter’s, and is taken to a prison where Kyra is being held, but Riddick is still being hunted by the Necromongers. Riddick escapes the prison with Kyra, only to...

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...dick fulfill his destiny. In a this part of the movie Kyra is Jesus who gives up their life in order to let man or Riddick fulfill what is rightly theirs.
Writer and Director David Twohy hasn’t forgotten his connection with faith whatever it might be. Twohy uses a lot of visuals that have to do with faith, we don’t know what his faith is or was. Faith in movies may be there, but not noticeable. Maybe as Christian movie watchers we should be more ready to see more connections of faith in movies.

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