Biblical Inerrancy And Authority Of Scripture Essay

Biblical Inerrancy And Authority Of Scripture Essay

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Reflection Paper Wk. 8
This week our studies concluded with offering students opportunity for reflection on continuing debates over biblical inerrancy and authority of Scripture. Our objectives included understanding the continuing debate of the doctrine of inerrancy and N. T. Wright’s bibliology in relation to some of his dialogue partners. Our final reading came from Denis Farkasfalvy’s book, Inspiration and Interpretation: A Theological Introduction to Sacred Scripture. This paper’s focus is my reflections of the material presented.
Final Thoughts from Farkasfalvy
Farkasfalvy concluded his thoughts with a chapter entitled, Inspiration, Canon, and Interpretation. He deals with the point of departure for a systematic theology of Scripture as the answer to one question. That question in about the divine authorship of the Bible as the fundamental claim for the basis of the theology of Scripture, which hinges on Trinitarian and Christological framework. God is a speaking God. Farkasfalvy writes, “In the background of the image of God addressing his rational creatures by words stands the Christian concept of God: God as communion, the internal and external mutual communion between Father and Son through their Spirit” (Farkasfalvy, 2010, p. 204). Christ Himself is the pinnacle of divine revelation. We continue to see revelation in the through history, the Prophets and Apostles, and spoken to written record.
He then begins to explain the theology of inspiration or biblical inspiration, which by definition means,
the divine action stimulating the human authors of the biblical books to produce their work, and the divine charism bestowed upon the biblical authors, enabling them to produce those literary works which make up part of th...

... middle of paper ... order to set people free to be fully human. That’s what God is in the business of doing. That is what his authority is there for. And when we use a shorthand phrase like ‘authority of scripture’ that is what we ought to be meaning. It is an authority with this shape and character, this purpose and goal” (Wright, 1991).
I have thought throughout this course on the issues raises by about the inspiration, interpretation, and inerrancy. I think it all comes down to some very simple even though complex questions about the Bible that some predecessors where either uninformed or unwilling to address. Today, we face those questions still. They have not gone away. However, now we see more theologians, pastors, and academics willingness to explore the possibilities. According to Wright, all these possibilities meet their nexus in Jesus. He is the Story of the Bible.

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