Biblical Context Of Psalm 91 Essay

Biblical Context Of Psalm 91 Essay

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Psalm 91

Psalm 91 starts off telling us that his secret place is a form of refuge . Moses knew that when he wrote the Psalms. It Speaks about it all through this passage, Historical, literary, and commentary. We have to all remember that God knows what he is doing when he says something over and over again it is important for us to take notice. Refuge is word that God has ask us to take notice of. What a blessing he given to all of us when we can remember to take notice of that one word refuge.

Historical context of Psalm 91

The Historical background of who wrote psalm 91 is very unclear some scholars seem to speculate that it was Moses probably wrote Psalm 90.

Verse one speaks of those that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high has a place with the Lord. How refreshing to know that if you are a believer you can dwell with God but more importantly those that truly fellowship with God there is a provision for inner sanctuary with him. One does not have to run to it on occasion one can enjoy the Lord always when you break with him and enter the secret place he has prepared a place for all of us..People like Simeon, Anna, and the valiant men who kept watch over Solomon bed or the virgin souls who followed the lamb wherever he went. They had the holy spirit of God with them to be raised up by having conversation with our heavenly father is truly amazing, and can only be gotten through the holy spirit through worship and praise seeking a close relationship with our lord.

Verse 3-4 speaks of how God is our refuge and how he will deliver us from the fowler 's snare the words “the Lord is my refuge” is much different than saying “ the Lord is a refuge”. (Spurgeon Archive) God wants to be our personal refuge and whe...

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...ur protector , and he will take care of us if we chose to take refuge with him.

As a believer we must seek the knowledge, and wisdom from Christ himself that can only be gotten when we go to the secret place , and seeking wisdom , and understanding from the holy spirit when we go deep into our hearts to find him

The Lord God Almighty loves and cares for us, Psalm 91 speaks to that loud and clear. When we invite the holy spirit into our prayer life we can never go wrong. He does become our protect, safeguard, and friend we are in a place of refuge were no harm can come near us. Thats when the lord can speak to us and share the many Blessing he has for us. He calls it his secret place for good reason. We can come to understand what he wants for us , and more over what he is asking of us. which is just as important as giving us the desire of our hearts.

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