Biblical Context of Left Behind Essay

Biblical Context of Left Behind Essay

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I still recall the first time I saw the “Left Behind” movie with the chaotic disappearances of people, the crunching of steel, smoke bellowing from fires, and the little old lady on the plane whose husband had vanished. The book brings back details that vanished along with the people. Page four of the book immediately tells you what is going on as Rayford’s mind drift back and forth between Hattie, the young flight attendant and his wife who is preoccupied with the rapture. It is what I call “church language or church talk” that sets the stage for Tim LeHaye’s bestseller “Left Behind.” The scene continues with Irene’s fixation on the Bible being compared to a Tupperware phase, an aerobic phase, and selling Amway. The battle lines are drawn as Rayford seeks to justify pursuing an adulterous relationship because of Irene’s fanaticism with religion. As with all disaster tales, there is a quick shift from one character and his or her story to another’s story and the draw to the reader’s curiosity is set. Left Behind has all the ingredients of a story that just may be true especially when world events during the cold war coupled with literal interpretation of the Bible is linked with stories mimicking real life.
My context of worship is an African American Baptist church located in North Memphis in a marginal community. The membership consists of many who were reared in the neighborhood and in the church. Success and relocation did not dampen the desire to remain associated with the church. According to how one surveys it, success did not encourage a more in-depth interpretation of the Bible either. The Sunday School hour is the same 50 of the 52 weeks of the year, literal interpretation of the lessons. These lessons are scheduled t...

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...ot take long to determine he is being portrayed as the anti-christ. Nicolae suggests the need for a “New World Order” perhaps touches at the heart of many who believe that in many ways we are failing in our reach for utopia. The story line inundated with biblical scriptures and language works for the authors. We see Christians and non-Christians drawn into the drama of the story. It is difficult to assess the evangelical draw of this book, but it has to be effective to some degree. Left Behind has all the ingredients of a story that just may be true especially when world events during the cold war coupled with literal interpretation of the Bible is linked with stories mimicking real life.

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