The Biblical Basis for Business Enterprise Essay

The Biblical Basis for Business Enterprise Essay

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Have a minute? Great, because the skills I learned from the past five weeks are immeasurable and would like to share with you. I believe these skills are life changing, they were for me. I am 49 years old, yes, 49. I cannot believe it myself. I am like so many others. I got to this point in my life and wonder, what is my purpose in life? What do I want out of my life? Where am I headed in life? You don't have time to waste. So start managing your life effectively, living a life of purpose, stewardship, and remember to fill your tank.
The Biblical Basis for Business Enterprise
While business enterprise is the activity of providing goods and services, many companies lose sight or do not want to implement the aspect of Godliness into their company’s mission. It’s a struggle and balancing act for many high level executives. The conflict is high profit with the risk of ignoring biblical principles or low profits but more peace of mind in knowing you and your company are doing the right thing. Some executives are able to achieve both; high profit with peace of mind and doing the right thing but not many.
A Biblical View of Work and Vocation
How many of us go to our dream job every day? Even more if we do think and feel we are in the job of our dreams; does it coincide with God’s calling for us? As long as your job is legitimate work, you are serving God by creating good. While going through this course, Principles of Self Management in Business I struggled with relating my career as a Configuration Technician with doing God’s work. While fulfilling the reading and journal requirements for this course, I have realized how my position at Haworth is doing God’s work. I am serving external and internal customers, let alone ...

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... they are serving the needs of others in a structured, timely, and practical way and achieve what they set out to accomplish. This description could not describe my personality any better. I enjoy learning more about my personality type and the personality type of others. The information provided helps us to understand one another, what motivates us, and what pushes are buttons.
To sum up my learning experience the past five weeks, it’s vital to invest in yourself by taking care of you, others, and things around you. To do so you need to have the knowledge, the skills, and the desire. You are not in this world alone. We are all in it together. We are here on earth to be good stewards. There is no “I” in team. We need to row the boat and rowing the boat is proactive, interdependence, your circle of influence; it’s beginning with the end in mind, its synergy.

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