Essay on Biblical Authority : The Bible

Essay on Biblical Authority : The Bible

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Biblical Authority

Inspiration can be defined as God’s ongoing and dynamic revelation of truths to humans in order for us to know how to live and deal with spiritual and ethical encounters, by instilling wisdom and understanding of his word. Since humans wrote the Bible there is room for idiosyncrasies, intelligence, historic context, social context, and geographical context to influence scripture. However, God’s revelation of himself and his character prevails through the Bible. There is a dimension of God that can only be reached through personal encounters of His truths, through prayerful reflection of the Bible.
In the terms of modern philosophy, a movement called logical positivism and logical syllogism had an affect on reasoning and the term inspiration. Logical positive gave rise to the idea that the only way to believe something was through using rational scientific principles, without subjective judgment. This idea disregarded supernatural events, while pointing out many instances in the bible that fail to have rational scientific principles. On the other hand, logical syllogism supported the idea that the bible is inerrant, since God wrote the scripture and God is without error. The foundation of Neo-Platonic philosophy is based on God revealing all knowledge. In contrast, Aristotelian held the belief that learning can be through observation, the scientific method, not all through revelation.
Scripture is God breathed, revealing to humans God’s gift of salvation through the sacrifice of his son. Even though humans wrote the text, translating it and passing it down from generations to generations, God’s truth is unchanging. Debates of the inerrancy of the bible cannot usurp God as the King of grace. Instead of focusing...

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...rees the people on his own watch with timed plagues upon the Egyptians. Additionally, God is omnipotent; Pharaoh was not able to stop the plagues from coming and affecting the Egyptians. No matter how in control Pharaoh wanted to be, he had to render over power of the Israelites as he let them go free.
These truths about God are timeless, and reading the story of Exodus now, will affect humans differently then reading the story 100 years ago. The inspirations gained from scripture are influenced by our culture today, for those who pray for revelations as they open God’s word. The characteristic of a liberating God can reveal hope for individuals who may struggle with political oppression, or who have bondage to addictions. On the other hand, the characteristic of an omnipotent God can give hope and revelation for those who are depressed or financially struggling.

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