Biblical And Historical Foundations Of Christianity Essay

Biblical And Historical Foundations Of Christianity Essay

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Essence of Christianity

Religion is a topic that both fascinates and irritates millions of people around the world. Religion is an organized collection of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe. Some people get irritated by this notion thinking that believing in a higher power is a “waste of time”, while others are so committed to this “being” that they leave everything behind to serve him. Christianity is the world’s largest religion with over two billion followers. What is the big deal and why does thirty-two percent of our population believe in this religion? At its essence, Christianity is a monotheistic religion marked by the core themes of honoring the trinity, following the teaching of the Beatitudes, and celebrating the sacraments. In this essay, I will explore each of these ideas with the use of Christianity’s biblical and historical foundations.
Monotheism is the belief in a single all-powerful God. Yet, in Christianity, belief in the Trinity, or three persons in one: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is at the core of the faith. Each of the persons is distinct from the next, yet identical in essence. Each is divine in nature, but each has a different responsibility in the Trinity. The Father is not the same person as the Son, who is not the same person as the Holy Spirit. It is a biblical challenge to grasp “the one in three” concept. In honoring the trinity you must come together with true and mutual love for one another. According to Michael Himes in “The Mystery of Faith”, “The best statement of the Trinity is found in the New Testament, in the document that we call the First Letter of John… where we read ‘God is love’” (Himes 6). He believes that this love, or “agape”, is a love wh...

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...sort of retreat where you reflect, pray, and grow in your relationship with God. Participating in sacraments, not matter what religion, will help you strengthen your connection to God.
In conclusion, religion is a tricky subject. There are many rituals, traditions, and beliefs that make up a religion. There are many different dimensions to being a Christian but the main themes that run through all of Christianity are: viewing the Trinity as divine, living a life in accordance with the Beatitudes, and participating in the sacraments. Determining your belief in a religion is an ongoing process that takes months, if not years, to develop. William O’Malley sheds some light on how to find your god, "..The only way to an irrefutable answer to the God questions is precisely to leave behind the search for rational evidence about God and go in search of God" (O’Malley 10).

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