The Bible : The Old Testament And The New Testament Essay

The Bible : The Old Testament And The New Testament Essay

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The Bible contains sixty-six books in different styles. In the beginning it tells a story of God’s movement of creation, and the series of stories about the lives of people who overcome battles by using a faith-based journey. With the last sixty-six book of revelation, which is the most difficult book to understand, it describes the details of an eternal place call Hell. To understand substance of the bible you will have to obtain the history, cultural, and the literary background of the bible. The bible is broken up into two parts: The Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament begins with Genesis and ending with Malachi describing prophecies of the coming of Christ. The New Testament lays the foundation of the Messiah who died on the cross for our sins.
The Bible in today’s society is use for spiritual nourishment in pinpointing the weakness in your life to align a stress free atmosphere, to persevere through challenging obstacles, and to find your purpose. Also it is use to spread the gospel and to convince sinners to repent and to follow Jesus. Therefore, this book is requiring for people of all religious background that can be used for any applicable information.
Historical Background of the Bible
A cook should know his utensil ware. He must know a frying pan from a measure cup; know the techniques of how to cook and how to make the food taste good. Also he should know what ingredients to put in the food in order to serve its purpose for his customer. The Bible serves the same purpose. In the Old Testament he should know the chronological history of how the books of the bible should be put together and know the meanings of the writing of scriptures. Every Scripture serves its purpose to fit every nee...

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...erence. God wants His people to honor their own sex and not men trying to look like women with long hair.
Literary is a well-written poem from an author who emphasis creativity in the story. Most literary are stories in songs and poems that are in a complex speech. For example in Song of Solomon is a poem between a husband and wife that have love for one another and this poem is design by God of how marriage should be. Also Literary background affects the interpretation of the Bible by describing deep human emotions or painting a visual picture of the biblical experience that he/she went through. Like the Song of Solomon the context of marriage tells the audience that it should love each other physically, spiritually and emotionally. Literary takes a dialogue of the scripture and symbolized in another setting to show the pain, success, and encouragement in the story.

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