Essay on Bible: The Book of Deuteronomy

Essay on Bible: The Book of Deuteronomy

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The whole book of Deuteronomy is telling the story of a people that made a deal with God. They made promises to serve him according to the way that he wanted to be served. Deuteronomy laid out all the wonderful things that would happen to them if they were obedient and kept their promises. It also laid out what would happen if they did not keep their promise. It was pretty harsh too.
They would lose their country; their enemies would take their identity and they would be tossed into slavery and the curse that they were under would visit their children’s children and so on until they decided to follow every rule of worship and to follow every step that God had given them to live by.
Damn! That was a pretty cruel God they were working with! God knows everything past, present and future. My question is, since God knew from the very beginning that these people, that Moses led out of Egypt, would not be able to live up to their promises. It appears to me that the God of the Hebrew Israelites made plans to wipe them all out long before they completely understood what they were getting into.
Damn! What kind of God makes a deal with you; that he knows you cannot keep? From that point on you are cursed, your children are cursed and so on. The Hebrew Israelites accepted a curse on themselves? That did not settle very well with me at all!
I was not capable of accepting a curse on myself or my children. I figured they could be cursed if that is what they wanted to do, but as for me and mine, we were free of that shit! Hell, if I did not allow Jesus to control my life, I certainly was not going to allow his father to control my life with all this legalism! All these laws to keep! Ha! I did not mind the Ten Commandments. That was easy commo...

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...out. They took their chairs in the front of the congregation then Elijah came out, dressed head to toe in white. He had a white Rasta tam on his head and he had a full, thick beard. He was also as tall as Gabriel, maybe even taller. Elijah walked to the podium and he walked like he had the power of Moses with him! He had a very commanding presence!
Elijah sat his books down on the podium, and he asked Nadia to sing before he delivered the message. He took a seat. Nadia stepped to the mic. The girl was crazy as hell, but one thing for sure, no one could take away the fact that this nutty girl could sing her little ass off. She was not the usual powerhouse gospel singer like Tramaine Hawkins or Yolanda Adams, but she had a smooth, alto voice that brought the crowd to silence. I absolutely adored her singing skills. I come from a very musically gifted family. I know

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