Bible Passage Ephesian 1:15-23 Essay

Bible Passage Ephesian 1:15-23 Essay

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Ephesian 1:15-23
In my passage Ephesian 1:15-23, this is Pauls prayer to Jesus of giving thanks, God has given us so much, and when God gives us a lot our perception can be changed based on how much we get from God, but we are blind because we can never be satisfied so we ask for more. We can build a wall of ungratefulness and never see the “light of God”.
The main message of this passage is that whatever He calls us for to do we shall do it, and hope for the best, to experience the riches of his glorynessasked, and to feel his Almighty power. But be grateful for all that He has done for us. In the passage it is easy to catch that Paul is praying/asking for “Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better.”(olive tree ESV Ephesians 1:17) So he himself Paul can know him better. Also he asked for “having the eyes of your hearts enlightened” (olive tree ESV Ephesians 1:18) That verse means to flood us/him with light, because God is light, and those lights go on we may see something that we have seemed to miss before our switches have been flipped. Paul is asking for overflowing knowledge from God. The major themes I've noticed in this passage is “hope," ‘inheritance” an “power”. The main idea of this letter is to show thankfulness to what God is providing us in this life.
The historical cultural situation of the writer and his audience is that in this time Paul is preaching to Ephesus, and that the audience are mostly gentiles. Pauls original name was Saul, and he was an apostle who spoke the Gospel of God, to the 1st century audience/world. The author is much undeinfed, but most have found that it can be paul, and little say it was a follower of paul. His background was personally chosen by God. Gods best messeng...

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...t to this becuase, when I was a sophomore I got my liscence and always have been asking for a car but never got one, but at the end of sophomore year I got one but I wasnt satisifed, so middle of junior year I had to get a more affordable car, I went from mercedes to dodge. Once I got the dodge I realized that my mercedes was perfect. So I now know that you never know what you have tll you lose it.

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