Essay about The Bible As A Book Of Wisdom

Essay about The Bible As A Book Of Wisdom

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During my journey as a Christian, the Bible has been used as a book of wisdom. Many elders in my church will use scriptures to define the world we live in today. From homosexuality to controlling addiction, the Bible became the answer to my problems. However, it does have me wonder why Christians are compelled to the Bible when it has been created by man. I do believe that Bible is a wisdom book, but there is a difference between how God’s Word operates in other resources and the Bible itself.
The Bible, or God’s Word, operates within the hearts of common people who did not know the Lord; it also operates in Christians today. The Bible teaches us about creation of the world, the original sin, the redemption from Jesus, and the restoration of God’s Kingdom today.
Let’s start with the creation story. Before high school, I learned about the beauty nature God created in the beginning. However, during senior year, the creation story has been complex due to theories that contradict the time God created heaven. Genesis 1 and 2 have two different stories. Genesis 1 describes how God created the world; in contrast, Genesis 2 describes how God created men. I conclude that God’s creation is complex to the human mind because no man can understand how God operates. Besides, the creation story has told us already how God build the Earth; we do not need a clear scientific time God created the world.
Then, the Bible tells about how sin came into the world. Genesis 3 demonstrates why humans became sinful and why evil came into the world. Adam and Eve used their free will to disobey God, taking the apple from the tree and eating it. Evil became a part of human once the Original Sin has been done. Though God knew they would fail, it should not infl...

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... addition, the Bible teaches me how to represent Christ in my daily life. I know that I can become an inspiration to someone who feels left out, including the disabled people, the homosexuals, and the minorities today. Finally, the Bible teaches me that God loves me no matter what. Even though I live life with difficulties each day, God is a friend I can depend on. I do not need to worry about my future because God has better days out there for me.
The reason I believe in these stories and their messages is that God wants us to become a unified nation where His kingdom can dwell in. We are his co-workers who helps build his kingdom. I would love to be like Christ, even if I am persecuted or attacked. Because of the Bible, my faith has made me confident that successful conclusions can happen to all of us. In summary, God loves us, and we can love him through our lives.

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