Essay on The Bible And The Prince

Essay on The Bible And The Prince

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1) Introduction – The bible and the prince are supposed to be texts to guide you. However they include a ton of violence which makes them seem bad but infact they are good
a) The Hebrew Bible and The prince by Machiavelli are guidebooks centered around important historical events. On the one hand, the Hebrew Bible is about the history and religion of the people of Israel. Its historical accounts functions as models of religious and moral conduct. On the other hand, The Prince is centered around the political history of France and Italy around the time of the Italian Renaissance. This text also serves as a guide, but with a very specified purpose. Rather than a moral guide, Machiavelli wrote a clear and practical guide on how be a great leader. While both texts serve as a guide to be efficacious in their distinct ways, they both include considerable amounts of violence. In the bible, God often orders and allows violent acts because people habitually disobey him. Similarly, Machiavelli prescribes violent acts in order to insure the leader has power. In both texts, violence seems to be the only means to satisfy the narcissistic desires of those who are guilty of violent acts. However, in both texts, violence really serves as a utilitarian tool to ensure that society as a whole benefits in the long run through temporal rewards.
2) Violence – Violence is not inherently good or bad but depends on the intent of the person committing the violent act
a) Though violence can be defined solely as intense force, its connotations suggest that it actually refers to unjust and maliciously motivated aggression. According to Machiavelli, violence is unjust when used with malicious or no specific intent; but violence can be justified if it is used...

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10) Bible
a) God is all knowing and also loves of his children, so like a good leader how would only want the best for them. Throughout Exodus, he shows his consistent love for the Israelites when he continues to help them after they have disobeyed. Because God is both eternal and good this is the best thing anyone could possibly want. Therefore anyone who doesn’t want god doesn’t really know what the good life is. His use of violence to correct those who are falling of the straight and narrow line is in no way to hurt them. But is used to remind them of how to get to the good life they desire. It seems as if god posits that if you love me and do what I tell you, everything will be fine and I 'll give you eternal life. But if you don 't, I 'll have to destroy you. However, it should be seen as I will do whatever I can do in my power to guide you to the good life.

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