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Africa’s Pride

Basil Davidson, a great journalist who accompanied Africa in gaining recognition through his writings, teachings, and other articles. A great activist he was, he traveled to many places and other countries. During that period, he encountered many people facing racism and fascism issues. With those experiences he discovered, he began using them to write books and documentations of history. He acknowledged the fight African American had faced to get the freedom of today. Davidson documentary “The Bible and The Gun” is based solely on religion, racism, and colonialism in African. The Europeans came over to Africa with the motive to seize the Africa’s territory.
Haile Gerima, a writer from Ethiopia is known for one of his outstanding fictional film “Sankofa”. This piece of art was made to represent how we can never move forward unless we know our past. Majority of Haile’s films were based on Africa or African American tales. He was a very inspired journalist who was true to his works. Gerima moved to the United States to study drama.
In “The Bible and The Gun” the Europeans believed Africa was uncivilized and treated Africans in disrespect. The blacks were very naïve people that didn’t realize the motives of the Europeans. Unknowingly they became workers and slaves on their own homelands. They were banned from their religion practice and was made by missionaries to change their spiritual culture. If they were caught praying or having worship they would be asked to stop and if they refuse, then they would be punished. As in both movies a punishment could consist of being whooped, losing a body part, not eating, or sleeping. They faced many harsh obstacles day by day.
The goal of the Europeans was to get Africa accusto...

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...n, and freedom. They used many literary devices in Sankofa such as “snakes will eat whatever is in the belly of the frog”. This meaning eventually if the slaves were quiet and conning enough they would get the opportunity to receive whatever the white man had. Blacks were very capable of running away the fear of the whites is what kept them in captivity. Whites knew the power blacks had so the only way to keep them as slaves was to put fear in their hearts. Viewing both the documentary and the fictional film people will understand what black history is about and what our ancestors did to get us here today. Many of don’t believe but colorism, racism and fascism still exist today. We all worked for the same rights. Blacks faced slavery for many long years but they never lost hope. Both movies showed how we as African Americans deserve to be treated equal plus more.

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