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The Bible and Astronomy Essays

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The Bible is not the only source that boats about the creation of the universe. Some non-biblical evidences for creation can be found in geology, math, genetics, biology, and anthropology. The fossil record in geology shows that there is not a pattern of transitional or intermediate fossils between species. Also, there is not a leap from non-life to life. Therefore, geology demonstrates that there is a Creator because everything appeared at one point in time. There was not a transitional period of a species evolving into a new creature. Thus, the geology record disproves evolution. Furthermore, math demonstrates a Creator because the probability for spontaneous generation is so small that it is highly improbable. In addition, genetics shows that there is a Creator because it demonstrates that microevolution is possible, but disproves vertical (macro) evolution. Biology verifies the need of a Creator because there are various species becoming extinct, but there are not any new species developing. This is shown both in the past and present. Thus, there is not a working mechanism for increasing complexity. Biology also shows that each new generation does not have improved life forms (this validates the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics). Finally, anthropology shows that human civilization started life with complex languages and major civilizations. Thus, there was not a period of evolution for humans or language. All in all, there are many non-Biblical evidences for creation.
Even the fact that the universe is fine-tuned solidifies that there was a Creator. The fine-tuning of the universe is incredibly important. There are especially five things that play a part in the fine-tuning. They include a balanced electromagnetic fo...

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...vidual will see through Biblical and non-Biblical truths that this world could not have been created without a Creator.

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