Essay about The Bias Of Violent Crime

Essay about The Bias Of Violent Crime

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Crime within present society is considered a constant within media outlets as a source of newsworthy content. However, crime being common within media does not imply that this criminal reporting is accurate, instead crime is presented in a distorted manner. This distortion is seen within the portrayal of violent crime within mainstream news sources this being overly exaggerated to the point of changing public perceptions of violent crime. This amplification of violent crime is coupled with the underrepresentation of corporate crime, which in turn creates a media landscape of near sophistry.

The over-reporting of violent crime can be attributed in part to it 's newsworthiness and selectivity within a certain channel 's corporate production decisions possibly leading to 'moral panic '. Society itself is fascinated with crime and deviance leading to the phenomenon of 'mass media ' consumption in consequence the public perception of violent crime rates can be summarised as 'being on the rise '. (Jewkes, 2004) although this is simply not true, according to ABS statistics all forms of violent crime have reduced over the last 15 years apart from sexual assault possibly due to higher rates of reporting and education in that area of crime. (, 2016)
This has created a particular environment of media sophistry due to the lack of regulations surrounding media outlets. This media freedom has allowed channels to report on crimes that they believe to be, 'newsworthy ' instead of reporting on events that would be considered more common such as, "corporate crime" and, "white collar" crime. (Varney, 2006) This also becoming a contributing factor to public perception of crime in Australia. The general public perception of crime in Aus...

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...rtrayed as an epidemic within Australian society, even though this is not the case as overall violent crime rates have gone down in the last 15 years. On the other hand “white collar crime” is a much larger threat to the public and costs the Australia economy billions each year but is not very widely reported on due to it’s, “boring” nature. Within the modern society that we live in media is considered a constant within our lives, it is very unlikely that general society are completely passive receivers of information but constant exposer to skewed information can have the ability to distort the perceptions of the prevalence of crime within Australia. Which has led to a media environment that has created a mindset within society of “moral panic” surrounding the threat of violent crime, when in reality the real threat is not very well known by the potential victims.

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