Bhutan 's An Integrated Classification System Essay

Bhutan 's An Integrated Classification System Essay

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Overall, Bhutan was pleased with the outcomes of the negotiation. The amendments made to Article 10 greatly strengthened technology transfer and development, thus strengthening support mechanisms for developing nations. The implementation of the new Article 30 regarding Common but Differentiated Responsibilities (CBDR) alongside the amendments to Article 1 introducing an Integrated Classification System increased transparency and cooperation amongst all party members. While Bhutan was in full support of the ratification of the entire COP, it was the aforementioned amendments that truly targeted Bhutan’s main goals for the COP negotiation.

Several different topics were discussed at the negotiation, including implementation of a ranking system, CBDR, definitions of developing versus developed countries, financial and technology support mechanisms for developing countries, and the creation of a Comprehensive Emissions Trading System (CETS). However, one of the major events of the negotiation was the amendments made to Article 1 and 9, as it’s passing caused the United States (US), European Union (EU), and Australia to withdraw from the negotiation. Before this point, Bhutan’s main negotiation strategy was to band with the Coalition of Developing Nations, which consisted of approximately 30 other parties, in attempts that our voices would be better heard together as opposed to alone. However, the problem was that during informal caucuses we would only discuss with each other, which hindered our ability to meet with other non-developing parties and hear their viewpoints and also share ours. While it is important that developing nations voices are heard, there was much being lost by not conversing with the other parties. This divide l...

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...ories were made apparent. There were hints of realism with hegemony and power-balancing, as discussed earlier. Liberalism, was made apparent, as certain alliances were already set in stone such as the EU and the WTO. Lastly, towards the end, constructivist themes became apparent, as states began to construct their identity based on how they acted in the negotiation. For instance, Russia’s amendment to Article 1 and all the chaos that occurred as a result left few parties wanting to be affiliated with Russia from that point on. Overall, this simulation has showed how lengthy and complex these global negotiations can be, as they require the cooperation of hundreds of parties all with different viewpoints and circumstances. However, I do believe that they are a necessary component to help mitigate climate change and put the world on a path to a more sustainable future.

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