BHP Billiton: Analysis of International Strategies Essay

BHP Billiton: Analysis of International Strategies Essay

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BHP Billiton analysis of International strategies and discussion

BHP Billiton is a globalized company that was formed in 2001 through a merger between Broken Hill Proprietary (BH P) and Billiton. BHP is one of the world’s largest producers of aluminum, cooper, iron, ore, silver uranium and other minerals alike. BHP also has interests in petroleum. BHP is the worlds largest mining and resource company with about 100,000 staff in more than 25 different countries. The companies headquarter resides in Melbourne, Australia and is listed on both the ASE (Australian securities exchange) and on the London Stock exchange.

Mission Statement: "...At BHP Billiton our objective is to be the company of choice - creating sustainable value for our shareholders, employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, business partners and host communities.... We aspire to Zero Harm to people, our host communities and the environment and strive to achieve leading industry practice. Sound principles to govern safety, business conduct, social, environmental and economic activities are integral to the way we do business..."

BHP Billiton future objectives and strategies are to continue to create long-term shareholder value through discovery, acquisition, development and marketing of natural resources. The key idea BHP Billiton is focused around is to Own and operate large, long life, low cost expandable, upstream assets to pursuer growth opportunities.

BHP Billiton 6 strategic drivers are focused around these points:
People: The foundation of the business
License to operate: Commitment to establishing and maintaining positive relationships with communities and governments for ar...

... middle of paper ...

... it is can at times be about co-operation and this is evident in the merger of BHP and Billiton in 2001. What BHP Billiton should have learnt from this analysis is that if they continue to diversify, look for new opportunities in emerging markets and maintain a good public image than maintaining success will not be as difficult as it is to build it up in todays times. It is also important to note as it has been evident in the past that the joint ventures and mergers are becoming increasingly more popular as it opens up many different avenues into conducting business in other parts of the world as well as giving more power and control to MNCs in controlling markets, in an increasingly more globalized world we must put at best foot forward to diversify and integrate business and cultures to remain globally competitive.

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