Beyond Spiritual Borders : Insight Into Buddhism And Catholicism Essay example

Beyond Spiritual Borders : Insight Into Buddhism And Catholicism Essay example

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Beyond Spiritual Borders: Insight Into Buddhism and Catholicism
Widespread uproar has cemented in people’s minds, for the television continually brings news of turmoil. Social conflict erupts throughout different parts of the world, especially since religious tension remains as one of the most predominant hurdles that still troubles humanity. Religions, especially Catholicism, have been tainted with violent fundamentalists who refuse to accept other practices that do not coincide with theirs. Even Buddhism, widely regarded as the most peaceful religion, has behaved aggressively towards religious minorities. Although Buddhism and Catholicism manifest as two distinct faiths, they share crucial characteristics that overlap; these similarities display how humans essentially seek the same aspirations and ultimately provide the possibility for coexistence.
Despite thousands of miles separating the geographical origins of Buddhism and Catholicism, their respective emergence and diffusion share parallels. The birthplace of Buddhism is located in present-day Nepal, beginning with a privileged prince named Siddhartha Gautama (Rubenstein 180). He remained oblivious to the hardships of common people, for he was accustomed to lifestyle of prosperity. However, several trips beyond his palace prompted him to witness the harsh realities of life. He encountered a man battling the degenerative effects of aging, a man succumbing to a disease, and a man’s corpse decomposing (Van Voorst 75-77). Gautama drew on the pivotal events that unfolded to shape the core concepts of Buddhism. His teachings ultimately reflect the wisdom he developed about pain and suffering, allowing him to acquire the title of Buddha or “enlightened one.” In contrast, Cathol...

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...ous events affiliated with Buddha and Jesus occurred.
Two distinct religions such as Buddhism and Catholicism bare many resemblances. With this in mind, it is noteworthy to acknowledge both of the similarities and differences. Religious differences needs to be celebrated because diversity offers wisdom from multiple perspectives and varying forms of strengthening the human spirit. In spite of this, differing religious identity should not be divisive to society. Individuals mistakenly believe that identifying with a certain group encloses them in religious borders, preventing them from accepting outside teachings. However, no such boundaries exist. If individuals can overlook their differences, mutual respect and tolerance can develop. With the path to coexistence unblocked, the familiar sound of unrest on television will be replaced with peaceful sounds of healing.

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