Essay on Beyond Hypothesis Testing And Testing

Essay on Beyond Hypothesis Testing And Testing

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Kadane, J. B. (2016). Beyond Hypothesis Testing. Entropy, 18(5), 1-4.

The author explains the disagreement over hypothesis testing and the pressure between easy explanations and the complex world we are a part of. We know that the world is not simple and there are areas of uncertainty in such things as the weather and the economy. He first discusses the frequentist approaches, and the contributions of R.A. Fisher, Neyman, and Pearson to hypothesis testing and tests of significance. Later, he describes the Bayesian approach and how to use Bayes Theorem for testing. He describes how both of these tests need to be made easier by limiting them to one or two options, reducing results that bring errors in their analysis, that confidence intervals bring misunderstanding, and that the Bayesian approach is easy and frank. Within the article, the author also discusses prior and posterior distributions as well. The author is very knowledgeable and presents this article in a way that the reader can easily understand. If the reader needs more information on a topic he touches, he gives references in the text so that one can research the information. The author also gives definitions within the text so the reader can understand the language. All of this made the article very easy to understand and ensured any reader who has a basic understanding of math could read it. If the reader has no concern about hypothesis testing then this is not the article to read.
Kim, T. (2015). T-test as a Parametric Statistic. Korean Journal Of Anesthesiology, 68(6), 540-546.
The author is with the department of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine in Korea. The t-test is used to compare two groups, and in medicine, it is the most used statistical test. The ...

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...relation, Poisson, Lexis Theory, and the Gram-Charlier Series. In each one of these sections, he gives beneficial background on not only the chapter, but also on contributors like Edgeworth, Euler, De Moivre, and others. In each chapter, there are multiple examples to help the reader understand. He makes it very easy to read and understand because he breaks it down to its simplest terms and teaches the material much like as if you were sitting in a classroom. This book would be beneficial to any teacher or student specializing in mathematics. Even though he does explain each section in great detail, one still needs to have some knowledge of math symbols. If one is looking for a more historical reading then I would suggest Tankard’s book, but if you are looking for a book with some history, along with detailed information on the problem, this is the book for you.

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