Beverly Daniel Tatum's Identity Theory : The Complexity Of Identity Essay

Beverly Daniel Tatum's Identity Theory : The Complexity Of Identity Essay

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“The Complexity of Identity” by Beverly Daniel Tatum is about the influences that affect the perception in which one determines their identity. Individuality is shaped from the reflection in which what our peers consider us to be. There is no definite class to describe who a person is, however many influencing factors contribute to the creation of one's identity which remarkably goes unnoticed. We’re known to become categorized from our peers by sexual orientation, religion, social groups, culture, appearance, or even what language spoken. Perceptions, attitudes, values and beliefs have a substantial influence on the relationship and interaction between all individuals who make up a society.
Beverly Daniel Tatum states “The concept of identity is a complex one, shaped by individual characteristics, family dynamics, historical factors, and social and political contexts” (6). I agree with the author’s conception and her theory of what contributes to the form of a person’s identity. Family dynamics I would consider to have the most influence on the way we see ourselves and our perceptions of others because I am one who’s been affected by it. Growing up watching the interactions between my family and society, forced me to have certain beliefs and perspectives of individuals and society itself. This is because growing up all you know is your family. They’re supposed to teach and guide you in the right direction. From a very young age up until today, I find myself always saying, I do not want to be anything like my parents, yet I find myself doing things just like them. Therefore, being young you follow your parents way of living because you don’t know any better. It’s not until you’re old enough to find yourself and what your id...

... middle of paper ... state is being classified in different groups makes societies more diverse than which they began.
Tatum states “The task of resisting our own oppression does not relieve us of the responsibility of acknowledging our complicity in the oppression of others” (9). I find this statement compelling because the message the author is sending to her readers is very meaningful and moving. I agree with this idea because if we were able to let go of the negative views we receive from society and others, we could potentially lead a much vibrant life. My belief is that everyone is so focused and concerned about how they’re perceived as a person in the eyes of overs that they forget the most important part which is their happiness. The main focus should be about how they feel about themselves and not be reminded of what outside factors would consider to be their imperfections.

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