Between the Lines of Technology: The Smartphone Essays

Between the Lines of Technology: The Smartphone Essays

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Most adults and teenagers in today’s age own a smartphone. Smartphone’s are recent products of modern day technological advancement. Before smartphones were cell phones which quickly gained popularity in the several years fallowing the new millennium. They unfortunately were extremely limited to low quality calls and texting. This was a huge milestone when it comes to technology but within a decade these phones began to be choked out of existence to be replaced with smartphones. These new devices commonly feature touch screens, voice controls, texting, calling, GPS systems, internet connectivity, and so much more. Smartphones have become so popular that it’s hard to go anywhere for five minutes without seeing one in someone’s hand. By looking at the virtually unlimited amount of information and global connectivity created by smartphones, we can see that these devices are a crucial tool in mans development both at the individual and social level in modern life, and whose use at times has to be limited to ensure reality is in the eyes of the people, not just a screen.
Smartphones have contributed greatly in helping people fulfill their desire for widespread social connectivity, but in an untraditional way. In the view of Sherry Turkle, “Technology-enabled, we are able to be with one another, and also elsewhere, connected to wherever we want to be”. Basically she is saying that with our technology one can be socially connected to anybody at anytime. I agree that this is true, and it is important we stay connected. Humans are social creatures who do best when connected with others. Though throughout Turkle’s writing The Flight from Conservation, she emphasizes the fact that this social connection enabled by technology is shallow. ...

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...en if these two are different to the extent in which Turkle implies, if two people are disillusioned into thinking their connection is a real human relationship, does it matter? No it does not. Turkle seems to think a relationship has to be complicated to be real, but “cleaning them up” doesn’t make them any less real. Although they weren’t specifically talking about smartphone usage for relationships, students in David Levy’s writings had a good explanation about the problems with technology. “Others though that the problems were simply features of the new digital world, and that they had to learn to live with them. I agree with this quotation, the world is changing, especially concerning with how relationships are created and maintained. Rather than these new connections being labeled as illusions, they are simply the new reality due there increase in popularity.

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