The Between Racism And Stereotyping Essay

The Between Racism And Stereotyping Essay

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“Women belong in the kitchen, the men make the money”, “white people are better educated. Black people aren’t as educated as whites”. Throughout each person’s lives they often hear statements such as these. Women are supposed to act a certain way, men are supposed to be the strong ones, different races are assumed to be of a lesser class. Who really set these standards for everyone? Is this really a way the world should view each other? Stereotypes and racism have always been an underlying issue throughout many years. Even though some times have shown more improvement compared to others, the issue still resides. Everyone can change this problem, one step at a time.
The connection between racism and stereotyping has become more evident over time. It may not be the only issue but they often are associated with one another. A lot of problems today are related to stereotypes. People have a negative view on many people of different races. Whether a certain group is smarter or better at something than another. It sets each race apart when the fact of the matter is that all of us must live on this earth together. Stereotyping causes tension between individuals.
“By dividing the world into discrete categories by stereotyping, one is able to foster an us versus them mentality.”(Stereotypes in Everyday Life). They look down upon each other. For example, lately law enforcement have been looked down on because of the cases like Ferguson where an African American man was shot to death by a Caucasian male officer. Now should everyone assume that each black individual is dangerous or that all white officers are against all african americans? The answer to that should be no. It’s easy for us to slip into judging one another based on past experie...

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...ey deserve will not only improve everyone’s time now, but also future generations.
It all begins with one thought. One thought before jumping to conclusions about someone. No matter if it’s good or bad. It’s important to consider others and individuals themselves. Sure, everyone has their differences, people they choose to like over others, but showing respect to those who are different than them can show a lot about their character. By showing this respect they will in turn start a ripple effect for another person to follow the same thinking. It’d be best for people not to overlook this issue and realize the affects it has on everyone around them. Help improve it before it goes even more downhill from the point it is at now. One person, one thought, and one action can make a huge difference in someone’s life, even if they may not notice the effect that it will have.

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