The Between Jesus And The Name Of A Person Of His Own Standard Essay

The Between Jesus And The Name Of A Person Of His Own Standard Essay

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8:29: By asking the previous question, he was setting them for the next one. He directs it to them. He interrogates their thoughts on the same. The conjunction δὲ is adversative and the pronoun Ὑμεῖς is emphatic plural indicative of the disciples. Possibly with the intention of drawing their opinion as insiders (as opposed to the people) . Up until this point the disciples have shown wonder and amazement at Jesus. While exhibiting their blindness after the miraculous calming of the storm, they asked; who then is this?
To this question, Peter replied, ‘Σὺ εἶ ὁ χριστός’(you are the Messiah). The pronoun Σὺ is in the nominative functioning emphatically while drawing sharp contrast between Jesus and the named figures in the opinion of the people. Unlike them, Jesus is a person of his own standard. Though he speaks on behalf of the twelve , Peter’s response is not only correct but also paradigmatic. Wallace observes that “up until this point Jesus is progressively revealed as the servant of Yahweh. After this, he is seen to be the suffering servant of Yahweh.” It is also a departure not only from the people’s opinion, but from their own blindness. This construction ὁ χριστός’ is a predicate nominative indicative of the class and function to which Jesus belongs. He is the one anointed by God. The word χριστός’ is rendered messiah in English.
In Hebrew, the word “messiah’ means the ‘anointed’. Sacred anointing was a practice observed in the Old Testament involving individuals tasked with specific functions. They included; the priests , prophets and kings . After falling into Babylonians, there arose an expectation among Israelites that God would raise a greater king like David (Jer.23.5).The practice of anointing Kings later developed...

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...s often guarded his identity seen in his use of parables while teaching. I would argue however that this is not Mark’s imposition on Jesus. Firstly because, Mark in his incipit in 1:1 affirms the identity of Jesus as the Christ. Secondly, Jesus’ consciousness as Messiah is deeply embedded in his actions, speech, and bearing especially as expressed in his divine authority that commenced at his baptism. Edwards rightly concludes that, “the secrecy motif arose from Jesus conscious identification with the servant of the Lord motif in Isaiah and from the need to gourd his messianic identity from premature and false understandings” . Perhaps by guarding it, he leaves it for the appropriate time for God to make it public, certainly at the cross .Thus the property value of this concealment is not in the hiding of his messiahship but the correction of his messianic function .

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