The Between Humans And Natural Environment Essay

The Between Humans And Natural Environment Essay

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Environment as a concept enables students to understand the important interrelationships between humans and the natural environment by focusing on two main progressions (ACARA, 2014). The first is the understanding of key elements of the environment, while the second focuses on people-environment interrelationships and human dependence to the environment (Catling et al., 2013). Through this concept, students can build on their curiosity of the world around them by exploring the benefits of vegetation. For example, in Year 4, students can investigate how plants protect land from water and wind erosion. Students may be able to observe how wind blows dust off a surface when it is bare but not when it is well covered in vegetation. In this way, students can begin to contextualise and understand the basis for why vegetation is planted in specific areas around sand dunes or local coastlines to help minimise erosion and stabilise the natural environment. As students progress through this concept, inevitable they will begin to explore places, spaces and environments at a range of scales. Although scale is not a major concept in the primary years, students are introduced to the idea in several ways (Maude, 2014). It is through the concept of scale that students learn that geographical phenomena and problems can be examined at different spatial levels (ACARA, 2014). Catling et al. (2013) suggest that people may see scale differently depending on who is looking. For instance, a large place to a young student may seem to be a small place to an adult. Similarly, when students go for a drive, they may call out the inevitable ‘are we there yet’ imagining that the drive has taken a long time when in fact, in the adult’s eyes, it has only ...

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... teaching of geographical concepts, young geographers break down the components of the world into workable and practical objectives. Given these assertions, educators must recognise that geographical concepts are interrelated and interconnected and should be taught in ways that link to one another, gradually growing in complexity as students progress through the years. Although there is a specific sequencing of geographical concepts, teachers must also acknowledge that concepts may at times arise out of sequence depending on a child’s curiosity, and that these levels of understanding and curiosity will be addressed in time. It is through their connectedness and relationship to one another that the teaching of Geography supports our students to become global citizens by developing real interest, fascination, excitement and curiosity of the world in which they live.

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