Essay about The Between God And Morality

Essay about The Between God And Morality

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The debate as to the interconnected relationship between God and morality is one that has been long contested by varying philosophers, authors, and other great thinkers. In doing so, countless of these individuals have found numerous ways of depicting this relationship, through the use of differing texts, films, books, or other informative actions. Specifically so, the film Crimes and Misdemeanors, provides insight into this relation between God and morality, and whether ethical understanding and foundations play a role in society. Focusing on the social backdrops of society, director Woody Allen is able to provide insight into the issues that are plaguing daily life, and as a result brings forth the aforementioned argument arisen between God and morality. Allen’s film brings into question the perspectives of two renowned historical philosophers, Nietzsche and Plato, so as to properly outline the apparent relation between religion and ethics. In reviewing the film Crimes and Misdemeanors, it becomes evident that the film proposes a foundational relationship between God and morality, in that it lays various references to the belief systems of the two aforementioned philosophers, in its attempt to understand the underlying components which exist between morality and religious ethics.
Throughout history, the interrelatedness of morality and religion has been one that has brought forth differing opinions, many of which promote the conception that the perspectives of morality are deep-seated in the teachings of religion. These belief systems were grounded in the moral obligations which dictate the decision-making of human beings, claiming that moral guidelines often found their legitimacy in religious ideals. In many instances, some th...

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...t on the character, as his immorality caused him to hire a hitman that would get rid of his problem. The ability to choose one way or another, as proposed to Judah, provide insight into the relationship between God and morality, in that it calls into question which actions are considered moral and immoral. Although Plato considers the possibility that God and morality can be interconnected in some form or manner, he also considers the potential that they do not relate. On the other hand, the beliefs of Nietzsche promote an outright angst and disgust towards the religious institutions, as he sees them for being the foundational reason for the loss of morality in contemporary society. Despite the fact that he denounced religious moral goodness, he showed the extent to which morality is defined by individuals in society, and the institutions which govern their actions.

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