The Between Ethics And Morals Essay

The Between Ethics And Morals Essay

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The contrast between ethics and morals can be subjective; however, there are variations. Ethics signify a social system in which morals are applied; whereas, morals define personal character. While a person’s moral code is generally constant, the person’s ethics can be subject to change. Furthermore, ethics can change according to individual and group associations or affiliations. A moral compass is innate and can be honed through direction by parental and other authority figures during the formative years; moreover, this influence could be positive or negative. In regard to ethics, you are who you hang with; in other words, a person’s associations and affiliations can define them for good or bad. A stellar reputation can be destroyed overnight if a person has compromised their integrity by the company they keep. “Do not be misled: Bad Associations corrupts good character” (1Corinthians 15:33).
In regard to Dr. Fitch’s statement in regard to ethics in law enforcement, mitigating the risk for officer misconduct requires a more complete understanding of human behavior and motivation (2011). Before officers can operate ethically, they must remember their moral status is at stake in the situation; in addition to understanding the principles and values involved when choosing the proper course of action. As humans we are all subject to original sin; therefore, making moral choices as a Christian can become challenging when social ethics are applied. Members of law enforcement generally associate with one another on and off duty; likewise, the approval of their colleagues can become more important than that of their supervisors. Blue Lives develop strong bonds so that they will be there for one another. To summarize the code...

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.... In a nutshell, law enforcement officers swear to be honest, upstanding citizens; likewise, law enforcement officers are to be part of the solution, not part of the problem and follow the rules whether they like them or not.
Law enforcement is obligated to provide the level of service their communities deserve; moreover, success is achieved by working together to be the professionals that the public demands and expects. Law enforcement must take the bull by the horns and lead by example; thereby, taking the high road insuring that they abide by the rule of law. Administrators must have the courage and honor to discipline when deserved (in private) and commend (in public) when earned. Each and every day that an officer puts on his or her uniform, they must remember the uniform and the badge they wear affects them not only as individuals, but the entire profession.

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