Essay on The Between Economic Development And Environmental Pollution

Essay on The Between Economic Development And Environmental Pollution

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On February 28th, 2015, a Chinese journalist, Jing Chai, aired a self-supporting documentary named “Under the Dome,” which awakened numb nationals’ concern about the gray sky. In early 2013, Jing Chai was pregnant, but her unborn child was diagnosed with cancer; a birth surgery will be carried out. One of the main causations of this tragedy was carcinogenic pollutant PM 2.5 —“tiny particles in the air that reduce visibility and cause the air to appear hazy when levels are elevated (” Jing Chai and her unborn child are just one of millions victims that suffered through the air pollutant PM2.5. This documentary became very influential and brought a countrywide attention towards the “haze weather” problem. According to Jing Chai and her unborn child’s symptoms, nationals’ health is under serious threaten living in such air condition.
Human history has indicates that there is a connection between economic development and environmental pollution. Since the industrial civilization, economic growth and environmental pollution have become two contradictory subjects. Can both of economic development and environment protection being taken into account at the same time? Therefore, studying the relationship between economic growth and environmental pollution contributes to the development of scientific and rational environmental policies.
During twenty-first century, humanities have entered a period of rapid economic development. Especially for developing countries, promote the rapid development of the economy by over-exploitation of resources. After reform and opening up, China has experiencing 30 years of rapid development, and has become world second largest economy. According to 2013 National Economic and Social Development...

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...environmental quality to drop. Therefore, the development is not without cost. Subtracting health costs and the cost of ecological environment, growth of GDP is probably negative in some areas. Development itself is just an approach; the well-being of people’s lives is the ultimate goal. Constructions and productions are not just to boosts GDP number, but more important is to let the people live a happy life. In the process of development, instead of one-sided pursuit of development, people’s health and safety must always be adhere in the first place.
Of course, the problems of environmental pollution cannot be solved overnight. At least, recognizing the importance of environmental protection and putting into practice starting today. Otherwise, people will try to spend the money they earned to exchange for their heath and lives. But, are health and life purchasable?

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