The Between Dalton And Elizabeth Essay

The Between Dalton And Elizabeth Essay

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The rule is to enter a scene late and leave early. Try to end a scene on tension.

Here are specific examples to consider:

The scene around page 4 between Dalton and Elizabeth can be tightened. Elizabeth arrives and wants to know how her dad is doing. It only requires Dalton to say one line, a visual reaction from Elizabeth, who says “It’s almost as if he’s living in another world,” and then cut the rest of the scene. No need to discuss doctors.

On page 6, cut Wonder Boy saying “Let’s get some coffee.” End the scene on: “And I need your help.”

On page 8, cut and tighten dialogue. It sounds awkward for Elizabeth to say, “Based on the unusual readings…” Essentially, tighten the first 10 pages, make Elizabeth less repetitive about doctors.

On page 13, tighten the scene and combine this with Dr. Allen looking at the article about the old couple being abducted. He can be reading the article, with the Wells book next to him. A scientist drops off a file, quickly says, “UFO from last week.” Show Allen’s expression, but there’s no need for him to say, “I’ll call some local stations…” Instead, just transition to the file to showing him at the Wonder home.

On page 14, after Thurl says, “He’ll never find it,” maybe add, something like: He’ll grow up like a normal boy. Then transition five years later to an older Wonder Boy (cut 1961 scene – combine it earlier).

Consider cutting “Joe.” End scene when Prahala sees Tommy peeking.

Is the reference to Sonny and Cher necessary? If not, cut.

Consider cutting scene on page 25, when Wonder Boy talks to Lizzy, “Mom, how long do you think it will be…” Go from showing Wonder Boy levitating to the graduation.

On page 27, cut the word “Alcohol.” (Have you been drinking?) and then go dir...

... middle of paper ...

...ole for an actor. The visual of him with horns and a snout is delightful. He 's a perfect villain. He 's slimy and amoral (the perfect burglar with a bomb). He’s a bomb ready to explode. However, there 's also something very appealing about him and a bit sad.

Margaret is extremely likable and authentic. She’s believable as the alienated and conflicted woman in Wonder Boy 's life. Their love is fully convincing and they share nice chemistry. Lizzy is sweet as Wonder Boy’s human mother and she reminds one of the mother in Forrest Gump.

Murrison is initially a colorful character. When he questions Wonder Boy it’s a lot of fun. However, he never feels or sounds authentic when he tells Wonder Boy the truth.

In summary, the ending sends a touching message about forgiving and never giving up on our childhood sense of wonder. One can envision this as a special film.

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