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The Between Conduct And Speech Essay

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be prohibited is based on the distinction between conduct and speech (including symbolic speech - which the wearing of the veil obviously is).

b) Case study of the hate and terroristic messages, as well as the representation and interpretation of religious messages

An example of the use of the « supplementary elements » in a particular case. We all remember, the deadly attack on the « Charlie Hebdo » (QUOT) on the Jan. 8 2015, from the first approach, we can
, however, the case is more controversial than it can seem in the begining.

There are several opinions which can opose the legality of the situation, in order to better measure the situation, it 's necessary to imply the use of the « supplementary elements ». In the case of « Charlie Hebdo  » those elements may be considered the conditions which accompany the portroyal of Mohamed in caricature. From the side of the muslim religious practicants, this situation is absolutely unacceptable, as it 's forbidden to draw or make any type of interpretation of Mohammed , written, or said is forbidden in mpost of the majority of Muslim societies (collectives).

So the caricature of Mohammed, do not take into account, the religious aspect and it 's primordial importance for the muslim population, while making their decision to caricaturize Mohammed.

On the other side, if a part of muslim population was not sitisfied with the Charlie Hebdo behaviour, the only justice they could apply for, was the court, which would decide on the legality of the caricature and it 's use.

Surely, the court would took into the account that Charlie Hebdo principal activity was the carricature of person, with no exeptions, and such a case the court would support Charlie Hebdo , based on their principal...

... middle of paper ... a cases where the “the prosecution can be founated « not on the content of speech but on conduct - allegations that the men provided material support to a foreign terrorist group." ( Goldberg, 2009, P.6) This type of statement can be grounded «a satellite TV provider, Javed Iqbal, for allegedly importing and distributing TV broadcasts from a source of which the government disapproves. » ( Goldberg, 2009, P.5)

. Regulations against hate speech are sometimes imposed because the
government (at any level) disagrees with the views expressed. Such restrictions
may not survive constitutional scrutiny in court.

“From cyberbullying to terrorists’ use of the Internet to recruit and incite,Internet hate speech is a serious problem »

combating terrorism states that nothing in it is to be interpreted as being intended to reduce or restrict fundamental rights or freedoms

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