Essay about The Between Australia And Haiti

Essay about The Between Australia And Haiti

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On the 12th January 2010, the impoverished nation of Haiti was hit by a magnitude seven earthquake which destroyed what little healthcare infrastructure the nation had. In one day, thirty of the country’s forty hospitals were destroyed or damaged, along with 1300 educational institutions (Garfield & Berryman, 2012). One of these institutions was the National University in the capital Port-au-Prince, where one hundred nursing students were killed (Winters, 2013). In a country where approximately 80% of the population live below the poverty line (Burger, 2011), and the leading causes of death are preventable (Lev et al., 2013, Winters, 2013), the earthquake had a devastating impact on Haiti’s already inadequate health care system. The influx of foreign assistance, in both financial aid and personnel, following the earthquake has proven to be the catalyst required to radically improve health care in Haiti. This paper is a review of some of the differences in nursing between Australia and Haiti, with regards to education and the role of nurses in the health care structure.
Whilst Australia has a well-established nursing education and curriculum, Haiti is just coming into its own. The transition of nursing education from the public sector to tertiary institutions in Haiti is significantly delayed in comparison to that of Australia. During the 1980s, education of nurses in Australia began to move away from hospital based training to tertiary based education. By 1993, a university degree (Bachelor of Nursing) was a prerequisite for registration of all nurses (Australian Government Department of Health [DoH - Australian Government], 2013). Current Australian undergraduate courses need to be accredited by the Australian Nursing and Midwif...

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... Haitian nurses are largely overworked resulting in lower quality care with poorer patient outcomes (Winters, 2013).
Whilst there have been significant changes to the education of nurses in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake, the flow on effects to the role of nursing are yet to be seen. It will only be when cohorts of nurses who have been educated under the new guidelines graduate that a change in the role of the nurse may be seen in Haiti. The Haitian Ministry of Health and Population anticipates that the new education standards will result in a larger and stronger workforce that is better able to meet the needs of Haiti’s impoverished population, and the anticipated outcome of a reduction in preventable deaths (HFG Project, 2014). Until that time there will continue to be a vast difference in the quality of care and patient outcomes between Australia and Haiti.

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