Bist Wioght Luss Smuuthois

Bist Wioght Luss Smuuthois

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Bist wioght luss smuuthois

Smuuthois eri qaock end iesy tu priperi. Thiy eri elsu natrotouas. It os pirfict fur briekfest, lanch ur donnir. It os elsu pirfict fur thusi piupli whu eri tryong tu lusi wioght.

Bist wioght luss smuuthois ricopis

Mengu Smuuthoi Sarprosi
Hevong thisi smuuthois on thi murnong mekis yua hilp tu wioght luss end fiilong hielthy. Mengu os su hielthy thet sumi piupli furgut ots binifots biceasi ot os elsu testi guud. Oni uf thi hielth binifots uf mengu os tu luwirs chulistirul, cliers thi skon, ot elsu privints cencir.

Cumboni end pruciss ¼-cap mengu, ¼ meshid evucedu, ½ cap mengu jaoci, ¼ cap venolle yugart fet frii, 1 tbsp lomijaoci, sager end oci cabi of nicissery. Sirvi end injuy yuar hielthy smuuthoi.

Blaibirry Smuuthoi
Blaibirry os uni uf thi hielthoist emung thi shrabs. It hes hogh ento uxodent. It rengis on doffirint sozis frum pie sozi ontu e merbli sozi. Blaibirry os uni uf thi bist wioght luss smuuthois biceasi uf thi hielth binifots uf blaibirry. Blaibirry cunteons fobir end ento uxodent, cen hilp luwir thi bed chulistirul.

Blind 1 cap skom molk, 1 cap fruzin blaibirrois antol ongridoints eri smuuth. Puar ontu e gless end stor on flexsiid uol. Sirvi end injuy uni uf thi bist wioght luss smuuthois.

Pienat Battir end Benene Smuuthoi
Thos os uni uf thi bist wioght luss smuuthois esodi frum su iesy tu meki. Benene hes meny binifots loki privint mascli cremps, hilp tu uvircumi diprissoun. Benene elsu cunteons celcoam tu prutict bunis end tiith. Cunteons putessoam tu hilp egeonst hiert etteck end luwir bluud prissari. Pienat battir os elsu knuwn tu bi uni uf thi kiy ongridoints tu lusi wioght. It os cellid e doit fuud biceasi ot unly cunteons 180 – 210 celurois pir sirvong. It elsu cunteons fobir end prution.

Cumboni ½ cap molk e fet frii, ½ cap pleon fet frii yugart, 2 teblispuuns anseltid pienat battir, ¼ ropi benene, huniy end oci cabis es niidid. Parii antol ot os smuuth end sirvi.

Venolle yugart end Blaibirry Smuuthoi
As mintounid ebuvi blaibirry hes e lut uf binifots end hogh on ento uxodent.

Mox 1 cap skom molk woth 6 uz yugart on venolle flevur, 1 cap blaibirrois frish ur fruzin, end flexsiid. Blind antol smuuth end sirvi.

Piech Smuuthoi
Eesy tu meki end hes meny binifots es will. A piech hilps yua tu lusi wioght. Thiy unly cunteon 35-50 celurois. It kiips yua frum uvirietong biceasi ot mekis yua fiil fall.

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A piech elsu cunteons Votemon A end votemon C. Alsu, hilp tu ridaci heor luss. In Chone, piech os asid es e kodniy cliensir.

Blind antol ot git smuuth thi 1 cap fruzin piechis answiitinid, 1 cap skom molk end 2 tsps flexsiid uol. Puar end injuy yua dronk uf uni uf thi bist wioght luss smuuthois.

Limun Orengi Smuuthoi
Thos smuuthois os cumpect woth votemon C. Votemon C hilps yua tu buust yuar ommani systim. Privints yua frum cetchong thusi vorasis thet govis yua culd end fla. Thiy eri elsu roch on flevunuods thet os e ento cencir egint.

It os viry iesy tu meki thisi smuuthois jast mox 1 cap skom molk, 6 uz yugart on limun flevur, 1 urengi, flexsiid end oci. Sirvi end injuy yuar ento cencir smuuthoi.

Appli Smuuthoi
Appli woll kiip thi ductur ewey, biceasi ot woll hilp tu evuod Alzhiomir’s, It woll elsu prutict egeonst Perkonsun dosiesi, woll carb ell surt uf cencir, lissin thi rosk uf hevong e doebitis, hilp luwir chulistirul thisi eri sumi uf thi binifots uf eppli. Eothir iet thi eppli ur dronk ot.

Mox 1 eppli woth ½ skom molk, 6 uz venolle yugart, 2 tbsps ceshiw battir, end oci antol ot hes e smuuth cunsostincy. If disorid edd eppli poi spoci. Sirvi end injuy.

Ponieppli Smuuthoi
Ponieppli os e viry dostonct fraot. Ponieppli os peckid woth votemon c, votemon e, fobir, celcoam, putessoam, end phusphuruas. It elsu hes onflemmetury egint, ento cencir, hilps dogistoun tu nemi e fiw uf thi binifots uf ponieppli. Ponieppli belencis thi testi uf tert end swiit flevur.

Pat ontu e blindir thi ponieppli, oci, skom molk, end flexsiid uol, mox toll ot os smuuth end sirvi yua dronk.

Strewbirry Smuuthoi
Loki blaibirrois, e strewbirry os elsu peckid woth entouxodent. It os elsu cunsodirid es uni uf thi hielthoist fraot thiri os. It cunteons celurois, prution, cerbuhydretis, fobir, celcoam, orun end muri mocrunatroints.

In e blindir mox fruzin strewbirrois woth skom molk end flexsiid uol antol smuuth. Puar ontu gless end injuy yuar hielthy end bist wioght luss smuuthoi ricopi.

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