The Best Way to Teach a Class: Teaching Methods Essay

The Best Way to Teach a Class: Teaching Methods Essay

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The best way to teach a class anything is to amalgamate various learning methods. This is no different when it comes to social studies or any other subject. An educator needs to rely on all the resources they can get their hands-on. A combination of methods and resources will reach every student and will help them master the new information better. There are many benefits to using different methods/techniques when teaching. One method may not work on a few students where the other method get through to those few. There are numerous educators and scholars who give their own opinions on this topic; which tend to conflict about the correct way to educate students in social studies. There is no right or wrong opinion, it all depends on the students and how they learn. Integrated learning, textbook learning, commercially purchased/technology learning, and teacher prepared learning are all good methods, but when combined they work much better. Designing a curriculum with today’s social studies standards cannot be easy on your own.
Integrated social studies learning is a cross-curricular project which allows the same topic to be covered under different subjects (Kaldi, 2011). Many educators feel this is the most beneficial method when teaching social studies. Integrated learning incorporates knowledge from several learning disciplines this allows each student to learner through different opinions. This can become confusing to the students when there are too many different opinions. There are good points to this method too; different educators teach differently. This means students with individualized learning plans can easily be provided of educationally in the same classroom. It is a good thing for social studies to be worked into o...

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...tudies have many topics, names, and dates, each concept will be better taught using a mixture of what works for

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