Essay on The Best Way Of Elect The President Of The United States

Essay on The Best Way Of Elect The President Of The United States

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The Best Way to Elect the President of the United States
In a short essay make a series of arguments that supports either the current Electoral College system of electing the president or changing to a popular vote system. It is important that you use evidence (quotes and ideas) taken directly from the texts provided. Clearly cite this evidence in your essay.
Since March 4, 1789, the Electoral College system has been in effect and has been used to select a president for the past centuries. The Electoral College was established in the Constitution by our founding fathers as a way to create a mutual agreement between the election of the President by a popular vote and by a vote in Congress. The Framers were hesitant to allow a popular vote to determine who would become president because of the lack of national communication. However, because of the rise in political parties and communications in the United States, the need for an electoral college system has deteriorated over the past decades. In place of the electoral college system should be the popular vote system.
The Electoral College plays a huge role in the election process. The Electoral College works by “each state gets a number of electoral college delegates, and, therefore, votes for president equal to the number of representatives that state has in the House plus an additional two for its two Senators.” (pg.156) The person with the majority of popular votes gets that state’s electoral votes. “A candidate must receive a majority vote of the Electoral College to become president.” (pg.157) To become president, the candidate needs to obtain 270 votes out of 538. “If none of the candidates receive these 270 votes, the presidential election is thrown to the House of Represent...

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... feel like their vote counted and actually mattered. The popular vote system eliminates the “winner-take-all” feature. It would end candidates winning the votes of states just because they had a higher percentage of votes and each candidate would get the votes that they earned. The popular vote does not favor any specific party and lets light in for third party candidates who try and succeed in the campaign. In my own personal opinion, it would be easier to have Americans vote through the popular vote system only because of how accurate it would represent the popular majority of the United States’ wishes. This way the government would not have to go through so many obstacles such as nominating electoral candidates, worrying about faithless voters, and worrying about someone winning the presidency without obtaining the nation’s popular vote and citizens getting angry.

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