The Best Way And Easiest Exercise Essay

The Best Way And Easiest Exercise Essay

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Accounting, finance, marketing or whatever degree is earned after college will mean that the graduate will be qualified for many different jobs, but not all jobs will require walking or moving around constantly. Some jobs will require a person to be sitting down and completing spreadsheets for many hours a week which can cause the body to tense up or the brain to be stressed out. Whatever it might be one is bound to be tired afterwards. Afterwards there can be many ways to reduce back pain, stress, headaches, etc. the best way and easiest exercise that ca be found is running or jogging. An inexpensive way to get a workout since it can be done right outside your house or at any gym nearby. Listed below are some of the countless benefits from running. By running or jogging on a weekly basis will greatly benefit people by making them feel better, improve overall health, and helping them lose weight. (Pendick)
Studies have shown that people who run for at least fifty minutes a week are consequently less likely to die from disease or any cause in particular, but most people already know that. The difficult part about it is actually performing the activities for the majority of people. While it is effortless to place the alarm for a morning jog it is not as easy to actually get up. The first day is of exercise is always the hardest since it involves something that one might not be accustomed to. It does not have to be full speed body sprinting, not everyone is well suited for extreme exercising. A light jog is more than enough for starters, and over time it can become easier to increase the intensity. Studies have shown that most people who run do it not because they want to live long but because it makes them feel better. It improves ...

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...o much work. In order to keep life balanced and for the worker to have better results he or she must learn to manage being able to give good results in the workplace. If the worker is not giving good results or getting the feedback that is required they will become vulnerable to being losing their job they worked hard for in his or her years in college which is not what anyone is looking for. Let’s say he or she owns their own business instead, they must still be able to provide quality service to customers or partners. Running will not get rid of problems at the job, but it will certainly help reduce stress and provide a healthy lifestyle for the student in order to make it easier for them to succeed at work. By running or jogging on a weekly basis will greatly benefit people by making them feel better, improve overall health, and helping them lose weight. (Johnson)

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