The Best Type Of Marriage Essay

The Best Type Of Marriage Essay

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Growing up I was able to witness different ways a marriage works. The most common marriages that I witnessed were either pure bliss or misery. I look up to my parents’ marriage whenever the subject is mentioned. When I have time to sit and talk with my mother I always ask how she can be married to one person for over 25 years. Her responds are usually along the lines of it takes commitment and lots of love. My favorite respond is “the best type of marriage is the one where you can have a huge fight but at the end of the night you can still laugh together.” I would like to take some aspects from my parents’ marriage and put into my own one day. There are many aspects to make a successful marriage, the more important factors I would like in a marriage are communication, affection, and commitment.
The idea of communication is different for everyone. I see communication as the feeling of being comfortable around another individual and being able to talk. Having strong communication skills in a marriage has a huge impact because if something is on one’s mind they should feel comfortable talking about it. Also if one has good communication skills they are able to understand their partner better. According to the University of Florida EDIS (electronic data information source), when couple are communicating, there are three important factors that are always mentioned. They talk about commitment, trust and intimacy which, in most cases, make or break a relationship. I plan on having good communication with my spouse one day by having a strong base of trust that would allow us to talk to each other without fear or resentment.
Affection can mean many different things to everyone. The idea of being affection towards their spouse is not a...

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...communications without any of those the chances of commitment actually working out are low.
Seeing more marriages then divorces around me shines a light on the positive road for a happy marriage. Besides having my parents give me an example of what to look for in a marriage I see how one thing can lead to another either making or breaking relationships. From all the tips my mother has given me I take away that marriage is more than a piece of paper it is communicating, showing love and being each other’s skies. I hope that when I do get married I will show all these characteristics and more. Throughout my life I plan on always improving my communication skills, never going to stop showing my love, and being only for one person my entire life. If my spouse to be does not show any of these characteristics it is not hard to see that they will not be my future spouse.

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