Essay about The Best Summer Of My Life

Essay about The Best Summer Of My Life

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This summer was the best summer of my life; I went to many baseball games, and I kept track of how many in the season of 2016, with nineteen games in total. In the process, I got a baseball with six signatures and a phone number.

From time to time, I would pick up the baseball from my large bookcase as a reminder. I would smile and shake my head. The ball felt rough in my hand from the scars. It wasn 't as white anymore and it has collected dirt all around the baseball. The red seams were faded, as well as the three blue logos. The baseball was my dad 's, and he got it from the clubhouse manager at the West Michigan Whitecaps. He used to supply their laundry chemicals for 6 years, until the manager left.

It all started in the middle of May, my Mom, Dad and I spent Saturday at a Whitecaps baseball game, we sat in the fourth row behind the line from home to the first plate. The Whitecaps were playing against the Lansing Lugnuts that night, and the Lugnuts warmed up right in front of us, before going up to the plate. I remember my dad standing up and shuffling down the row to go get food, and then it was only my mom and me. My mom leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Number six is checking you out.”

I looked back at her smiling, “Oh really? I was kinda checking him out too.”

Then she replied with, “Yes, it was like four times!”

I realized earlier when it was his first time up to bat that night, they announced his name, Carl Wise. As he was approaching the plate I mumbled, “Wise guy, eh?” This replayed in my head, “I did notice him earlier.” Next time he was warming up in his spot, I tried hard not to look directly at him because I figured that would be creepy. The next thing I knew, in the corner of my left eye, he g...

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...ift in my life, and a entertaining story to tell. It gave me a sense of pride to say that I got a minor league baseball player’s phone number. On the other hand, I’m not conceited. I have not been shoving the baseball in everyone 's faces saying, “Look what I got!”
I do not feel as if I could reach out to anyone because it didn 't work out. Carl wasn’t everything I dreamed of and I hoped that we would have talked more. But then again, he gave me a hope for my future with a different guy. It was each individual success I made, having the guts to ask for a picture, the next picture, and then finally the baseball. All because my parents told me someone was checking me out, and I would have never thought about my parents helping me through this, especially my dad. Thanks to my parents, I got to experience many baseball games, and resulted me getting more than I expected.

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