Essay about The Best Songwriter : Zach Hambrick

Essay about The Best Songwriter : Zach Hambrick

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“Practice makes perfect” is a very popular phrase. One has to work hard in order to be the best; the best pianist, the best gymnast, the best artist. Zach Hambrick, however, does not agree with that popular phrase. In Maria Konnikova’s article Practice Doesn’t Make Practice, she writes about how Hambrick decided to test to see if practice really does make perfect or if it is one’s DNA that actually does it.
Konnikova, a psychologist and writer, takes her readers through Hambrick’s process of researching whether practice really does make perfect. Hambrick first ran into questioning this popular phrase when he had the dream of becoming a professional golfer. He learned quickly he was not as good as the other golfers so he practiced and practiced. Sadly, he was not cut out to be a profession golfer, but it did get him to start to question: “nature vs. nurture, genetics vs. effort” (Konnikova). Hambrick is not the only one to look into answering this question. Way before him, there was Francis Galton who positioned that genius runs in the family. His exact view does not exist today due to how extreme is was, but it does guide modern research. Recent studies show that training is everything and genetics does not matter with an exception of body size and height. Ericcson told Konnikova, “He told me he had yet to encounter someone presenting him with evidence that anything other than practice matters. (He did, in a later conversation, add that the age at which one begins practicing can make a difference in someone’s achievement level)” (Konnikova). Hambrick, on the other hand, still did not accept that and continued to research how important practice is to an individual. He concluded, “People do have natural ceilings to their talent in...

... middle of paper ... their highest potential. Also, anyone interested in the old debate of nature vs nurture would also be interested in reading this article since she uses it in order to discover if practice makes perfect. Instead of it being one or the other, the conclusion came to be, that both nature and nurture plays a role in a person’s ability to reach his greatest potential.
“Nature vs nurture”– a century old debate Konnikova uses to explain rather genetics is more important than practice when attempting at achieving greatness in a certain field. Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect is a well organized, easy to read article that follows a graduate student’s research on trying to disprove the popular saying “practice makes perfect.” If one enjoys psychology or interested in learning about how genetics and practice influence one’s ability, then this would be an article he would enjoy.

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