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The Best Profession By Far Essay

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The Best Profession by Far
Kendy P. Phommavong
Advance Leaders Course
SSG Ramdipsingh/SSG Bass

The Best Profession by Far
The Army profession is imposed, by Chief of Staff of the Army, to all Soldiers and Department of Defense civilians, Army professionals, to carry on their responsibility in maintaining the Army as a military profession. Army professionals are the Soldiers and civilians who maintain the Army Profession; who meets the Army’s qualifications of competence, character, and commitment. Army professionals gives the Army the image that the world sees and knows, so it’s very important for the Army professionals to upkeep the image, no matter what time of day it may be or where they are in the world. The Army Profession is by far the best profession because of the five characteristics: trust, honorable service, military expertise, stewardship, and esprit de corps, which most will express the great feeling of being a part of such an amazing organization.
First reason, why the Army Profession being the best profession, is the trust that Army professionals have from the American people. The citizens of America place special trust and beliefs in the Army as a profession, which considers their highest priority to be the service to their Nation. Trust is the foundation of what the Army profession is built upon, as ADRP-1 (2013) states, “trust is the bedrock of the Army’s relationship with the American people” (p. 1-5). Trust in the Army Profession boils down to “trust between Soldiers, trust between Soldiers and Leaders, trust between Soldiers and Army Civilians, trust between Soldiers, their families, and the Army, and trust between the Army and the American people” (ADRP-1, 2013, p1-5). Without trust there would be no Army P...

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... esprit de corps brings the Army professional together to keep 237 plus years of the Army Profession going for many years to come.
In conclusion, the Army Profession is by far the best profession to be a part of hands down. The five characteristics that make up the Army Profession explains why it’s the best profession out there. Due to the strong trust that the Nation has for the one serving them, the proper training to have military expertise, the honorable service of each individual, the discipline in becoming the stewards of the profession, and the strong bond of esprit de corps the Army professionals serve the Nation proudly and that they are proud to be a part of the best profession out there, the Army Profession.

Department of the Army (2013). ADRP-1: The Army Profession. Washington DC
Department of the Army (2012). ADP-1 The Army Washington, DC

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