Essay on Best Practices For Selection And Recruitment

Essay on Best Practices For Selection And Recruitment

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For any establishment to ensure consistent growth or maintain above board performance with regard to its core mandate, it must ensure that it has sufficient man-power with not just the requisite skills but also the personal drive to help the organization achieve its goals. Only via effective recruitment practice can this be achieved. Best practices in selection and recruitment generally encompasses various crucial aspects such as effective; attraction of candidates, shortlisting, assessment, selection, induction and monitoring of the candidates. These aspects of best practices mainly ensure that the recruitment process; attracts the best candidates, showcases fairness, is transparent, objective, speedy and yields the best possible outcome with regard to the employee selected. M a Husselid(1995) argues that best practices in recruitment and selection are crucial as they have a direct positive financial implication on the company especially in the long-run as their employment ensures the organization doesn’t waste resources recruiting an underqualified or underperforming individual. This paper is therefore going to provide an in-depth analysis of best practices in selection and recruitment with regard to these crucial aspects. Consequently, the positive implications of taking them into consideration and the adverse effects of overlooking them are going to be highlighted to underscore their significance.


According to J Druker (2003), the most crucial aspect during any recruitment process is not only ensuring that the process attracts the most qualified and talented individuals but also ensuring that the process does not attract individuals who are not suited for the respect...

... middle of paper ...

...nts of the job .Therefore, making of a good job analysis that is in line with the current and emerging needs of the organization can be considered to be a good recruitment and selection practice. [T71] Conduction of a job analysis encompasses coming up with job details that include but are not limited to; educational qualification, previous work experience, health requirement and age limit where applicable among others. Additionally, the job analysis provides additional information such as key responsibilities of the job and performance details. In consideration of the above mentioned aspects of a job analysis that make it absolutely crucial, it is highly advisable to conduct it before advertising for the position.

An effective attraction strategy has a number of positive implications. First and foremost, if an organization advertises a position effectively, the m

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