The Best Motivational Appeals For Persuading The Public Essays

The Best Motivational Appeals For Persuading The Public Essays

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Fear is one of the best motivational appeals for persuading the public, because fear is one of our most primal emotions. We have little control over this emotion, and it can be the easy “weak spot” that advertisers can target in order to make a product sell. Fear can be what drives a person or inhibits him or her. This appeal in persuasive communication can be applied in a variety of ways. Fear can be useful when utilizing the fixed-action scarcity. Scarcity is the idea that a product is limited either in quantity or time available. The fear in scarcity is that you will never get a chance to obtain the product ever again; therefore, you must act now or forever lose out on this opportunity. Take for instance, the infomercials that declare they will give you the second item free for only the first sixty callers or for one hour only. This can motivate the viewer to calling in and ordering the product, because he or she wants that second item free. This is used in the As Seen on TV light-up pillow product. The only way to obtain the light-up blanket was to call and order the pillow, but there were a limited number of blankets. While the pillow is now sold in stores, the blanket is not. Therefore, those who did not order the pillow can feel as if they missed the opportunity to obtain it.
Fear is not limited to just the application of scarcity; it can be applied to the fixed-action pattern called authority. Fear when applied to authority can be motivating tool, because the general public will adhere to what experts suggest is beneficial. For instance, when an authority figure like a leading child psychologist says your children will be condemned to a life of poverty if they don’t attend a private school, then you, as a parent, will mot...

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...s more content now that he engages in these actions than the sluggish feeling prior to the change.
This can also be used in more formal settings, as person could be motivated to work harder at her job if she notices that certain behaviors, such as arriving fifteen minutes early to work or accepting overtime, are rewarded with promotes or other perks consistently. This worker then might partake in these behaviors in hopes that she will then receive the reward. She could also notice that other behaviors, such as arriving fifteen minutes late or refusal to work any holidays, results consistently in punishments such as cut hours, layoffs, or other negative consequences. Therefore, she then avoids these behaviors in order to ensure she does not receive any of the punishments she has witnessed, while the boss has successfully established a productive work environment.

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