Essay on The Best Measure Of Friendship

Essay on The Best Measure Of Friendship

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Each school year passed, new friends from other schools moved in or our close friends transferred according to his parents. Faces, personalities and gestures were bold in us. If someone asks me who my best friend is? I will not hesitate to answer that it is Khanh, not only she is a best friend, but also a soulmate, a sister that overcame through many hardships with me. Khanh is 18 years old now, she was born in Vietnam, and migrated to the United States when she was 12 years old. Our best memory is when she followed me around school and ended up being lost in school. Even though she is living in Texas right now, but only the time is the best measure of friendship.
Living far away from the homeland, Khanh misses the bustle of Saigon city, where she grew up with memorable memories. Life in the United States has isolated her in communication, lifestyle. She used to live in 3 story- house, full of facilities, her mother has been a housewife, always taking care of the family one by one. The first time living in a new country, seeing foreigners from all over the world was overwhelmed. If in Vietnam, she was treated like a princess, living in "castle", in the U.S, she has to share a house with her aunt, her family has to share a room together, it is really narrow when 4 people have to share a small room together. Khanh 's mom is no longer a housewife, she has to work to make money and it is gradually stressing her too much that she could not take care of the family one by one like before.
People usually say that " you 're living in the U.S, how blissful!" But behind the rapture, Khanh faced new challenges every day. She 'd faced through many difficulties. She has to get used to the new lifestyle. Language is the hardest obstacle that sh...

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...discussed in class before. All types of migration and how they got here by boat, walking, but not with airplanes. We talked about how the past, do whatever it takes, and take advantage of what they have to migrate to a new country for a better life. Now a day, people still migrating to the U.S but with airplanes, which is a new technology compared to the boat, and it makes their ways easier to go. To Khanh, homesick, barrier of language, new lifestyle, eating habits are the intervening obstacles that she has experienced. She did not know what " brunch" is until she goes to high school and know about it thanks to 20 minutes break time at school. It was difficult to overcome, but she has gone through many hardships and now she is in college, a new chapter in her life has opened and even though we do not live in the same state anymore, I still wish her the best in life.

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