The Best Human Resources Department Essay examples

The Best Human Resources Department Essay examples

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The Best HR Department
Human Resources (HR) has been constantly evolving due to technological innovations, tough competition and rapid growth of globalization. The Knowledge Age of 21 century demonstrates the significant shift in strategies and methods have been used by HR professionals to efficiently manage personnel in the organization. Such change leads to acknowledgement of the true value of employee based on their ability and potential to excel. “Knowledge Age worker-citizens need to be able to locate, assess, and represent new information quickly. They need to be able to communicate this to others, and to be able to work productively in collaborations with others. They need to be adaptable, creative and innovative, and to be able to understand things at a ‘systems’ or big picture’ level” (NZCER, 2013, p.1).
The Best HR Department
Creating a friendly and successful workplace environment ensures employee and customer satisfaction and leads to the company’s efficiency and profitability. Positive organizational environment can be reached through retaining and motivating people based on open communication, proactive leadership, appropriate behavior patterns in line with the mission, vision and values of the organization and work- life flexibility.
A Capital One Financial Corporation has established such workplace by providing mobility and flexibility to their employees in business units. They implemented a concept “virtual workplace” which is based on reconfiguring office space and use of up to date mobile technology. It gives employees opportunity to be more productive since they are able to work from any place they would choose. According to the Benefits Survey Report from the Society for Human Resource Management published i...

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...ance costs, increased productivity and reduced overall costs” (Wellness Proposals, 2013, p.1).
Summary and Conclusions
In conclusion, Human Resources department plays a significant role in the organization providing a wide range of valuable services to employees in various functional areas such as recruiting and training people, developing public relations, performance appraisals, maintaining workplace atmosphere, employee relations, benefits administration and much more. More than likely, HR essentially contributes to organization’s strategies and objectives through promotion of leadership activities, building friendly workplace environment and ensuring an efficient management of talented employees overall. As a strategic asset of a company, HR improves the human capital utilization and establishes the competitive workforce based on business and market demand.

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