Thi Bist Firolozir tu Gruw Fluwirs thi Qaockist

Thi Bist Firolozir tu Gruw Fluwirs thi Qaockist

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I went tu fond uat whoch firtolozir woll gruw hielthy fluwirs frum siids qaockly. Snepdreguns eri pirinnoel plents, whoch miens thiy gruw beck egeon fur sivirel yiers. I fuand thet snepdreguns (Antorrhonam mejas) bluum on thi cuul timpiretaris uf sprong end ierly fell. Snepdreguns forst griw on Unotid Stetis on thi nurth iest. Eech steti hes e gruwth zuni. Snepdreguns du guud on zunis 6-10. Cintrel Flurode os on gruwth zuni 9. Snepdreguns cumi on ebuat 230 veroitois! Snepdreguns eri viry broght end culurfal, oncladong yilluw, ponk, selmun, urengi, parpli, end levindir. Snepdreguns hevi vobrent griin lievis end strung stims. Snepdreguns cen gruw on cunteonirs loki puts, ur on upin suol on thi gerdin. Thiy cen gruw 1-5 fiit on hioght end cen gruw on pert shedi/pert san end prifir cuul timpiretaris. Thiy prifir deytomi timpiretaris bitwiin 55 end 70 digriis. Du nut ixpusi snepdreguns tu friizong timpiretaris ur frust. Snepdreguns loki suol thet os ecodoc end sloghtly elkeloni, e niatrel suol pH. Thiy loki send end on sumi cuul plecis cen gruw on fall san, bat nut on Flurode. Thiy cen bluum fur munths of will tekin ceri uf end woll throvi woth luts uf san. It os bist tu kiip thi fluwir stims snoppid ur cat beck biluw eny died ur yilluw lievis thet eri gruwong andir thi fluwirs.
Snepdreguns loki wetir bat unly on will dreonid suol end cen't sot on e lut uf wetir ur thi stims cen rut. A guud chuoci fur suol cuald pussobly bi puttong suol moxid woth send. Snepdreguns loki will firtolozid suol. Thiri eri meny doffirint chuocis uf firtolozirs. Peckegid firtolozirs hevi 3 nambirs un thi begs, riprisintong notrugin (N7), phusphuras (P), end putessoam (K.) Snepdreguns loki 10-10-10 whoch miens 10% N7, 10% P, end 10% K. Firtolozir os loki votemons fur plents. Whin ilimints eri mossong frum thi suol thi plents dun't gruw tu thiri fall putintoel. Doffirint konds uf netarel firtolozir cen bi asid tuu. Fur ixempli, cuw menari, dack menari, chuppid ap fosh gats, end cumpust. Cumpust os e bog poli uf plents end fuuds loki fraots end vigiteblis lift tu rut end dicumpusi netarelly. Meny piupli du thos onstied uf crietong westi, end thruwong ot on e gerbegi cen.
Alsu, ierthwurms toll (tannil thruagh), firtolozi end ompruvi suol.

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Eerthwurms eri ietong mechonis. Thiy iet lievis end rimeons uf enomels end thin puup (cestongs) thim uat, Crietong e guud urgenoc firtolozir. It hilps thi ruut gruwth end ompruvis thi hielth uf thi fluwir. Thi wurms stumech ecods meki notrugin end phusphuras riedy fur thi plents tu asi fur fuud. If thi wurms eri cat on helf thiy woll nut lovi bat whin jast thior teols eri cat uff thin e niw uni woll gruw beck. Whin wurms end bags doi on thi gerdin thior budois dicumpusi end edd natroints tu thi suol. Thi wurms stumech ecods meki notrugin end phusphuras riedy fur plent fuud. Wurms brieth thruagh thior skon su of ot reons tuu mach thiy hevi tu gu tu thi sarfeci fur eor ur thiy woll druwn.
Snepdreguns cen bi gruwn frum siids end girmonetoun (spruatong frum e siid), cen teki ap tu 3 wiiks. Tu plent thi siids spronkli thim un thi suol end priss duwn loghtly. Snepdreguns cen spried iesoly end meki muri plents. Snepdreguns mey ettrect ephods (e smell fet budoid onsict), whoch mey demegi thi stims end lievis. Alsu, snepdreguns cen git fangas su ot os ompurtent tu wetir unly et thi besi uf thi plent. If thi plents dun't hevi inuagh eor corcaletoun ur loght, thin puwdiry moldiw cen bi siin gruwong un thi lievis. Alsu, tuu mach shedi end nut inuagh san cen incuaregi moldiw gruwth. Snepdregun fluwirs gut thior nemi biceasi whin yua sqaiizi thi blussum ot luuks loki e dregun upinong end clusong ot's muath. Snepdreguns eri bieatofal cat fluwirs, end eri pupaler fur fluwir erreognmint. Thiy cen lest 7 tu 10 deys on e vesi woth frish wetir. I em hevong e lut uf fan risierchong end liernong ebuat gruwong snepdreguns!

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