The Best Choice Is Bernie Sanders Essay

The Best Choice Is Bernie Sanders Essay

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Unless you live under a rock, you have heard different political views on many topics. Maybe you listened to an uncle’s or a grandparent’s opinion or maybe you plan to vote for the same candidate that your mom or dad votes for. Either way, making the right decision is not easy, no matter what you have heard. This year, let me simplify it for you by helping you to pick a presidential candidate that offers a brighter future for America. Your best choice is Bernie Sanders. He has been pro active in politics since the 1960’s. When he was in college at the University of Chicago, he founded many organizations such as, the Congress of Racial Equality and the Students Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. He was a mayor in Burlington, Vermont for 8 years, a congressman in Vermont for 16 years, and he was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2006. Furthermore, His political background makes him a well qualified candidate. He is committed to helping the American people. He believes in working for the people not for big businesses. (
First of all, Is the Citizens United Supreme Court decision good for America? Definitely Not! In 2010, the Supreme Court passed the Citizens United which opened the floodgates for corporations and wealthy people to spend unlimited and undisclosed amount of money to buy our elected officials by contributing campaign funds. The oil companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and Wall Street bankers have poured money into our political system for years. Any billionaire is now able to spend millions of dollars to buy the candidate of their choice.
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This is not a democracy, it’s an oligarchy. Congress must pass a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and move toward pu...

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...cans both rich and poor so, they will not suffer from any unavailable healthcare. Americans need incentives to motivate them to live healthier life styles.

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Universal healthcare should offer incentives to offset the cost of healthcare. Although, Clinton says she is for universal healthcare she has accepted money from her so called enemies (drug companies and insurance companies) for her campaign. I admire Bernie for not stooping that low and not taking money from big business.
In conclusion, Bernie Sanders has not jumped from band wagon to band wagon. For the last decades, he has been pushing for the same issues that he stands for today. He has always been pro active in the United States. He has a true hearted political mind. His background makes him well qualified to be our future president. I believe a vote for Bernie Sanders is a vote for democracy.

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