The Best Acrylic Paint To Buy Essay

The Best Acrylic Paint To Buy Essay

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Acrylic paints have become so very popular since its introduction into the public market in the 1950’s. For hundreds of years, the artist had to contend with the peculiarities of their chosen medium. The watercolorist had to contend with paintings very easily damaged by moisture, and the oil painter had to wait an interminable amount of time for his painting to dry. Acrylic paint …………..


Acrylic, when thinned with water, becomes a watercolor paint that is permanent when dry. It offers a durability that traditional watercolor pigment could not provide.

For the traditional oil painter, this technology affords an odorless medium that dries quickly and can be easily applied in an impasto manner. Cleanup is an effortless soap and water rinse, with no need for mineral spirits or alcohol. For those pensive artists who chew on their brush ends, the flavor of the oil paint and thinner will be missed.

Color Choices And Packaging

Modern technology has made the phrase “every color in the rainbow” old-fashioned. Chemists are making colors available that would stagger the old masters. From impossible pinks and greens to metallic and iridescent, the color choices are incredible. It would take a very generous budget to purchase all the hues available.

There are several sizes and viscosities available. Paints can be purchased in tubes similar in size to oil or watercolor tubes. It is also offered in several sizes of jars and bottles.

Quality And Grade

Different grades of acrylic paint are available at a number of price points. Just as in other art mediums, there is a marked difference in quality between the high and low end.

Paint is all about the color and the intensity. Both the professional ...

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...n the Younger and has supplied artists since the 1930s. It is one of the largest manufacturers of professional art supplies and has an exceptional range of unique colors.

An artist should take from each manufacturer the colors and properties that suits him best for a particular project. It is common for an artist to use a number of brands of paint, and acrylic is no exception. The acrylic artist is often a chameleon, switching technique on a whim. Impasto one day and soft watercolor washes the next. Then perhaps use several techniques all on one painting.

There are occasions when the student or craft grade acrylic is suitable. However, a beginning artist should start with a basic set of professional colors, learn to mix those for a wider range of hues, and add additional colors as the budget and need allows. He should buy the best quality he can afford.

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