Essay about Bertha Mason and her Impact in the Novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Essay about Bertha Mason and her Impact in the Novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

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In the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, Jane has gone through experiences and some which let her down in a few ways. Jane also has people who impact her which hinder her future. She has been through so much and sometimes things and good sometimes they’re bad. Jane’s life has really changed and she experiences many things
When Bertha Rochester is first introduced in the novel she is much of a mystery. Her name isn’t stated and it isn’t really clear if she is the one causing trouble. Jane has assumptions of who might be committing all these problems. Bertha tries to kill Mr. Rochester by setting the curtain around his bed on fire. Jane is hearing things inside her room and wished she kept her candle on so she could see. Jane says, “This was a demoniac laugh-low, suppressed, and deep-uttered, as it seemed, at the very keyhole of my chamber door. The head of my bed was near the door and, I thought at first the goblin-laughter stood at my beside-or rather crouched by my pillow: but I rose, looked around and could see nothing; while, as I gazed, the unnatural sound was reiterated: and I knew it came from behind the panels. My first impulse was to rise and fasten the bolt; and my next again to cry out, who is there?” (155) Jane stated that “Something gurgled and moaned. Ere long, steps retreated up to the gallery toward the third-story staircase: a door had lately been made to shut in that staircase; I heard it open and close and all was still.
Jane was going to ask Mrs. Fairfax about the sounds she was hearing but then she heard a door. She also began to smell smoke and she sees that Mr. Rochester’s door is open. The curtains around his bed are on fire and he’s fast asleep. Jane tries to wake him but the smoke has kept him in a d...

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...there. Jane doesn’t like the red-room and when she gets into trouble on day Mrs. Reed says,” Take her away to the red-room, and lock her in there.”(6) Her aunts’ was supposed to take care of her and not treat her badly. Another disappointment for Jane was supposed to marry Mr. Rochester but he is married so that was not able to happen.
Bertha had a big effect on Jane future. Since she is still legally married to Mr. Rochester and Jane couldn’t move forward and be happy. The significance of Bertha is that she has an effect on some people. The things she does either brings people goes or farther apart. Jane has been disappointed multiple times and she just has to move forward. Jane doesn’t let certain things get to her. She thinks about them but doesn’t go crazy that she starts to worry. Jane has experienced things that have really shaped the person she has become.

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