Bernie Sanders, The Former Senator Of The State Of Vermont Essay

Bernie Sanders, The Former Senator Of The State Of Vermont Essay

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Bernie Sanders is the former senator of the state of Vermont and is currently running to be the democratic representative in the 2016 Presidential Election. Bernie Sanders has stated that he is a socialist democrat but it is unclear whether he is either a socialist or a liberal. His statement is unclear because on some topics he takes on more liberal view than a socialist view. Bernie Sanders is known for being a strong believer of the government helping out the economy more and having the wealthy pay more taxes. He wants less poverty in society and help it have a consistent middle class. Two issues that I agree with Bernie on is his views on helping the economy and his views on the war on terror. Bernie Sanders is a strong supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, looks to lower income and wealth inequality, make college tuition free throughout the U.S., and wants to combat climate change to help stop global warming. He also believes that war should be the last option in times of conflict and we need to work with our allies and take out the terrorists’ funding networks to combat the terrorism we face today. Nevertheless, there are some that don’t agree with Bernie Sanders including Republican Candidate Marco Rubio and several scholars.
Several scholars have a different view on the economy issue than Bernie Sanders does. Following the topic of economy, an article defending the one percent of America that has a high income states that Professor Edward McCaffery argued for the United States to repeal its federal income and estate taxes. These taxes play a bigger role on people who usually have a high income. Discussing about free college tuition an article states, “Tuition fee policies and the financial assistan...

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...rgy policies so that we can combat climate change to stop global warming. Marco Rubio looked to approve the Keystone XL project which would be harmful to many environments and he doesn’t believe in global warming which is a topic that needs serious consideration as it puts a threat to the lives of everyone on Earth. It can be seen that Bernie more focused on helping and protecting the people of America. The next best candidate I would’ve selected was Hillary Clinton. I would’ve chosen her because she shares some of the same views as Bernie Sanders on the issues like economy and energy but on the topic of foreign policy she believes that we should believe involved in other countries’ problems and I don’t agree with that opinion. I agree more with Bernie’s view on the topic and not be the world’s policeman and shouldn’t have to solve all of the world’s problems.

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