Bernie Sanders ' Campaign Rhetoric Essay

Bernie Sanders ' Campaign Rhetoric Essay

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In the following section, I am going to argue that Bernie Sanders’ campaign rhetoric produces a hybrid vision of “Democratic Socialism.” The campaign accomplishes this vision by, first, presenting Bernie as a political outsider who is building bridges with the Washington establishment. Second Bernie Sanders progressive agenda is to strengthen working families when it comes to the issues, such as: an economic agenda that creates jobs, raises wages, and provides health care for all. Last, an overall evaluation of Bernie Sanders’ campaign and how he is informing the American people of the meaning of Democratic Socialism and how Americans view Socialism today.
Bernie Sanders is known as the political outsider, who resonates with the American people, but his progressive agenda is nothing new, he has been hard at work for working class families since 1981 when he was elected as mayor of Burlington, VT. Bernie ran as an independent, which shocked the city’s political establishment that an independent could win. Sanders’ winning as an Independent redefined the political system in Burlington, VT. Nietzsche provides a philosophical view on dissimulation and how societies act politically and socially, the task of dissimulation in society is to develop a belief that we are all part of a unity. In America, there are two categories Democrat and Republican. The standard has been a binary of the two political parties. Bernie has challenged society and has redefined politics in his home state and now Bernie is attempting to make history and redefine politics in that he would become the first Democratic Socialist to become President. In the Senate, Bernie Sanders has been effective, as an outsider. His ideas are so far to the left that it would se...

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...s punishable. As humans, we conform to the ideologies out of necessity; this is a peace treaty that is to bring unity. Yet, deception exists, however it’s not realized. Although, many in power persecuted socialism, socialist and their ideas influenced many. Today programs such as Social Security and Medicare exist and continue to be a part of our government.
Americans thoughts on socialism today: America is still viewed as a capitalistic society, but the McCarthy era has lost its influence. According to a recent Gallup survey, half of Americans say they would consider voting for a socialist as president. The survey shows that Democrats make up the majority who would consider a socialist and younger people are also more likely to favor socialism with those younger than 29 years of age have a positive view of socialism than capitalism (Pew Research Center).

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