Bernie Mac's Second Def Comedy Jam Special Essays

Bernie Mac's Second Def Comedy Jam Special Essays

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Bernie Mac’s second Def Comedy Jam special, “I Ain’t Scared of You Motherfuckers” is a comedic work that has always made me laugh uncontrollably. Even when I was too young to fully understand most of the jokes in that particular standup routine, his physical motions, use of curses and taboo sex phrases, as well as his urban Chicago colloquialisms were enough to have tears dripping from my eyes and a boisterous sound of laughter coming from my mouth, loud enough that it would cause my mother to come into my room and investigate what all the fuss was about. Despite the obvious comedic subject matter of works of comedy done by comedians such as Bernie Mac, there are numerous underlying reasons that attribute to the humor that is expressed through our laugher and enjoyment. Through his lively stage presences and sociological motifs, Bernie Mac was able to enlighten the world on the various cultural aspects of urban life by his use of social and psychological cues that capture our attention, giving us directions on how to react, providing us with an increased social awareness though satirical methods, and making light of taboo topics regarding the themes of sex and gender roles.
In, “I Ain’t Scared of You Motherfuckers,” Bernie Mac begins the routine walking onto stage with the DJ playing an old Hip-Hop music beat that Mac dances in to, thrusting his hips, lifting his legs, and bobbing his head to the catchy beat. The beat is so intriguing that the audience members can be seen moving along to its sounds and I found myself moving along with Mac’s movements in addition. Righto off the bat, Mac has the attention of both myself that the audience present in the video because he has intrigued us with happy rhythms which in turn prepare us ...

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...ricans in urban areas needing to stop the violence and get out and vote. Mac tells a story about how he did a show at a Chicago prison and how “forty percent of the brothers in jail are in there for nothing.” Mac continues and tells a story about the experience and says that he got a chance to do a panel discussion with some of the inmates which went along the line of, “Hey my brother, what you in for,” says Mac, “Nutin,” says the inmate, “how long in for,” asks Mac and the inmate responds with, “ever.” In this exchange Mac is addressing the topic of the “no snitching” rule among the African American community in impoverished urban communities. He uses this dialogue between himself and the inmate to depict and image to viewers of how ridiculous the “no snitching” rule is because it simply puts you in a horrible position for someone else’s stupidity and poor actions.

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