Beowulf : The Warrior For Glory, Protection, And Reputation Essay

Beowulf : The Warrior For Glory, Protection, And Reputation Essay

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With the great power possessed by Beowulf, great battles are destined to be fought for glory, protection, and reputation. As the demon Grendel approaches the great kingdom of Danes, his mother coming to avenge the wrongs done to her son, or when a great dragon is awakened, posing a massive threat only a warrior the likes of Beowulf can deal with. This creates a situation in which constant battle for glory, honor, and protection keep taking place. He travels to distant lands to maintain his warrior status, whilst battling the creatures posing problems to him.
This epic opens in the kingdom of Danes, under the ruling of Hrothgar, and Denmark sat peaceful for a duration before this upcoming incident. However, Grendel, a demon descended from Cain, continues to slaughter men in this kingdom for twelve years, effectively taking it over. Beowulf, considered the greatest warrior in all the land, called upon to oppose this beast, voyages across the sea with fourteen of his greatest men. Beowulf goes to Hrothgar and offers to fight Grendel unarmed. They feast in the mead hall built by Hrothgar and then head off to bed.
Grendel’s desire to attack these men pose a very barbaric nature, as believes these men are intrusive, and continues his mental need to slaughter them. Grendel also despises the noise and happiness of the men in the hall. These men have to remain absent from the hall as a whole, just to stay alive. He continues to strike fear inside the men of this village, constantly eager to attack.
Beowulf waits anxiously, not putting much time or effort into preparing for this battle. He sleeps unarmed, once again getting his point across about his intention to fight Grendel with nothing but his bare self. Grendel eventually bursts in...

... middle of paper ...

...ragon to open ground where a fair fight can take place, suited up with his mail-shirt armor and a helmet, begins to fight the dragon. Beowulf hacks at the sides of the dragon, though not penetrating his thick scales. The dragon bites Beowulf in his neck, not knowing at the time, but injecting venom into his body “he soon discovered that, hit him in his breast, welled with a deadly poison (Lines 2713-2715)”. On a last ditch effort, Beowulf pulls out a dagger and stabs it into the dragon’s flank, killing it.
Beowulf has continuous triumph throughout the epic, being courageous, triumphant, and loyalty to his own strength as well as the faith that his men and Hrothgar have in him. Never backing down from a challenge, this causes his eventual downfall. He will never be forgotten, constantly saving the lives of many as well as avenging the lives of many of his comrades.

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